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How to Cut the Utility Cost of HVAC System?

Residential or Industrial Air Conditioning is the biggest aspect of getting the desired temperature no matter what the outside weather is. However, it could cost a lot if the HVAC system is not maintained properly.

Therefore, we are here with the top tips which will help you to reduce the electricity consumption of your HVAC system.

Change the filter

HVAC filters get dirty with daily usage. Dirt, pollution, dust, build-ups, etc. can block the filter. This leads your HVAC system to consume more electricity as a blocked filter put more pressure on the HVAC system. This can not only heighten your electricity bill but maintenance cost as well. If the filter is not cleaned on time, it can lead to various major issues even completely shutting down your HVAC system.

Clean the filter regularly and if possible, hire a professional technician who will do it for you. Do it once in 3 months, and you can see your utility charges lowering at least 5 to 10%.

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Seal the Heating & Cooling Ducts

This is a simple step that can save up to 20% of your energy consumption. The major motive of sealing ducts is to enhance the efficiency of the HVAC system. But, make sure that you hire professionals for this task as they have deep knowledge about which type of sealing is suitable for your duct and how much must the duct be sealed. This will also help you to insulate your interior, which will require you to use the HVAC efficiently.

Upgrade your HVAC

It is crucial to upgrade your old HVAC system with new parts. Some parts of the heating and cooling system such as a pump have a life span of 10 years (depending on how well you maintain the system). Therefore, you need to replace it after this period or if it’s damaged. You can ask HVAC Melbourne professionals to install economic parts that will promote better performance and low energy consumption. So if your HVAC system is old, ask the professionals to re-evaluate your system and upgrade the damaged parts.

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Hire only the qualified HVAC contractors

Some people take this risk of hiring inexperienced HVAC contractor that might not even have enough experience to handle all the issues. From regular checkups to new system installments, a certified HVAC contractor will do it all for you. They would also recognize any hidden problem in the HVAC system and prevent further damage by providing a quick solution. The only way to get the most out of your HVAC system is to hire a qualified HVAC contractor in the first place.

Invest in programmable thermostats

Install a thermostat to remove the pressure of maintaining the temperature settings of the individual person. This will cut the cost in half, and you will get a moderate temperature inside your home or office. Also, you don’t have to adjust the temperature as the weather changes as most of the thermostats nowadays come with programmable features. Therefore, the machine will adjust the temperature as the outside temperature increases or decreases.  So invest in such thermostat machines.

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