How to create quality backlinks?

Strategies for creating quality backlinks

Website owners want to improve the ranking of their site by reaching SERP and to do so they need backlinks. But how can you create quality backlinks?

Before finding out what the strategies for receiving backlinks are, let’s see what backlinks are and why they are important.

What are backlinks?

The term backlink is used to identify a link that leads from one website to another website. These backlinks allow Google to determine the relevance of a website. In fact, if this link takes the user to a valuable page, it means that it is reliable and quality.

Incoming links can improve the ranking of a website. The technique for obtaining links is known as ” Link Building “. Be careful though, you don’t have to receive many backlinks (very low, low or medium quality) but high or very high quality.

Strategies for creating quality inbound links

Are you wondering how you can receive quality inbound links? Let’s see together what are the main techniques.

1. Creation of quality content

Websites must always be updated with the aim of giving readers relevant and quality content. This content manages to give readers added value.

2. Optimize content

The published content must respect certain rules. Let’s see them below:

  1. Content must not be copied – you must not copy content from other sites otherwise you may commit copyright infringement. Remember that search engines are able to recognize duplicate content;
  2. Write exclusive articles – write your opinions in published articles;
  3. Minimum length vs quality – if the content you have written meets the needs of the readers it is not necessary that it is long and that it must respect the minimum length;
  4. Images and videos – within the articles it publishes relevant images and videos;
  5. Constantly publish articles – by constantly publishing articles you can improve the positioning of a website;
  6. Get backlinks via social media – Social media can improve the visibility of your website.

3. Publish guest post

Post guest posts on quality blogs or websites that contain a link to your website.

4. Write comments

Another effective way of getting links is to write comments. The comment you will post must be thorough and detailed.

5. Publish interviews

You can publish interviews on your site and in return, you can get links from the interviewee.

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