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How to clean very tall windows

Do you know how to clean very tall windows ? Learn the best tricks to clean tall windows easily.

Cleaning very tall windows can sometimes be tricky, especially if they’re on a sloping surface or in an area that’s hard to reach. They are also windows that tend to get dirty easily and being difficult to access, they tend to be cleaned with little regularity.

It is important to keep tall windows as clean as more accessible windows could be, but cleaning them is a complicated task, since you have to gather the necessary material, use a ladder and also choose the right climate. In this post, we tell you some tips and tricks to clean very tall windows easily.

how to clean very tall windows

Tips for cleaning very tall windows

If you need to clean the high windows of your house or your business, we mention some tips that you should take into account so that your windows are impeccable.

Choose the day to clean the windows

Believe it or not, window cleaning should be a planned process. As soon as you have decided that it is time to clean them, look at the weather for the next few days and choose the least hot day and with less sun. Why? When cleaning windows on sunny days, the cleaner will dry faster than it takes to clean and will leave marks that cause a dirty look.

If your goal is to make your windows gleaming and your effort is worth it, it is best to clean the windows on cloudy days and that it is not too hot, but be careful, make sure it does not rain!

Decide how to easily reach the windows

If you need to clean very tall windows , you will have to decide how to easily reach them so that you can clean them safely and without risk. The most basic ways to get there are with a long-handled squeegee or ladder.

Never try to clean them from the inside or by hanging from the outside windows, it is very dangerous. If it is not easy to access them and you do not want to risk it, at Más Social we are specialists in vertical work in Malaga and window cleaning .

Extension ladders and stepladders can help you clean very tall windows. Make sure the ladder is at a safe angle by standing with your toes touching the ladder, then reaching outward. If your fingertips can touch the steps of the ladder, the angle is correct for cleaning the windows. If not, it is too steep, and for this it may be better to use a long-handled squeegee.

Prepare the windows for a better finish

If your tall windows haven’t been cleaned in a long time and are heavily soiled, clean the outside and remove any leaves, dust, or cobwebs. You should spend some time preparing the windows before cleaning the windows, so you will get a better finish.

To do this, use a small handheld vacuum cleaner to be able to remove dirt more easily. You can also use soft bristle brushes, but you will still need a broom for the leaves and insects.

Think and gather the materials you are going to use

In order to clean very tall windows you will need some specific materials such as:

  1. Buckets for water
  2. Large sponges
  3. Rubber gloves
  4. Kitchen cloths
  5. Manual vacuum cleaner
  6. Soft bristle brush
  7. Multi-use cleaner
  8. Clean the tall windows

To clean tall windows, mix half white vinegar and half water as a cleaning solution in a large bucket. You can also use dishwashing liquid mixed with water, but only a few drops of dishwashing liquid or the water will be too soapy.

With the help of a sponge and the cleaning solution, wash the windows well. Make vertical movements, starting in the upper right corner. Remove the excess with a sponge dampened in water and dry the windows with a microfiber cloth so that it does not leave residues. And ready! You will have your windows sparkling clean for a while.

We hope this article on how to clean very tall windows has helped you . Take a look at this post on window and glass cleaning for other tips