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How to Choose The Best Professional CV Writing Service in UK?

Best Professional CV Writing Service in UK

A CV writer can make all the difference to your job search in the UK, moving the needle farther than you can imagine and making you stand out from the other job applicants. Whether it is changing your industry or struggling to condense many years of experience, it is worthwhile to seek the service of professional resume writers.

Certified resume writers

The most crucial thing you need to ascertain when deciding how to choose the best CV writing service UK is whether the firm uses certified professional resume writers. UK Careers Booster puts you in touch with experienced, skilled, and certified British resume writers who are familiar with your relevant industry.

Certified CV writers must pass exams conducted by industry associations to go through the process of certification and show expertise and knowledge in resume writing. Only then are they allowed to be certified. This process shows dedication and longevity to their profession when they are certified.

Do due diligence

It goes a long way when the resume writing firm is a member of BBB, Better Business Bureau. Considering hiring an accredited member of BBB is like an insurance policy. Do your due diligence to work with an accredited firm because you do not want to be done in. There are scams and fraudulent activities out there in the digital world.

Best Professional CV Writing Service in UK

Along with verifying the accreditation, check whether the company has any major complaints. The rating of the company would tell you whether the complaints are legitimate or not because not all complaints are to be taken seriously. Every company has complaints, and you need to be able to verify whether they are credible or not.

Award-winning firm

If the CV service firm has won any awards from the associations in the industry, it says that they are a leader in the industry. Hire their services if they are award winners because only the top CV writers in the field are nominated to be awarded. The hallmark of a resume writer chosen from an award-winning firm are the following:

·  Follow proper formatting and have an eye for the smallest details

·  Using strategic language and keywords used within your industry

·  Expertly written cover letter with the resume

·  LinkedIn makeover as a comprehensive package

·  Guarantee to rewrite CVs if results are not obtained within a certain period

·  Tailor-make CVs to match specific roles and job titles

·  Resumes targeting career change and promotions

Beat the ATS

To expedite and streamline the job application procedure, most businesses now use the ATS, Applicant Tracking System. Ensure that you are hiring somebody familiar with ATS. The key lies in peppering your resume with the skills, industry-specific phrases, and keywords so that your resume gets picked by the ATS.

Spending money on resume writing service is an investment and the investment should be worth your while. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that you are getting called for an interview. To make sure your investment is worthwhile, hire a CV writer who understands how the applicant tracking system works.

Learn to write

The best professional CV writers will go the extra mile to teach you how to write an effective resume. They will show you the tricks of the trade so the next time around, you can do it yourself and will not have to spend money to hire someone. You will be coached thoroughly on how to approach job applications.

A professional CV writer will not only guide you in writing your resume but also teach you how to answer interview questions. This kind of professional approach is very different from just being handed a resume. Based on the industry experience, these CVs are the most successful for gaining interviews.

Industry experienced writers

Some profession needs certification, and some others have their own culture. You need to check whether your resume writer has experience in your industry. If they don’t, walk away and look for writers who have written industry-specific resumes. The formatting and language used in the resume differ from industry to industry.

What plays in one industry might not work for another. For instance, a college professor’s curriculum vitae is very different from that of a computer programmer. Similarly, a corporate executive’s ideal resume will not look the same as that of a nonprofit professional. So, hire a writer who is experienced in your industry.

Ask for recommendations

Reach out to your colleagues, friends, or peers who can recommend the right CV writer who can meet your needs. Your relevant professional association should also be able to recommend a quality writer. The bottom line is to find a seasoned CV writer who understands the industry requirements.

When you get recommendations, seek their online presence before you meet them. Online reviews and testimonials can tell a lot about the person. Happy clients leave positive comments, and unsatisfied clients leave negative reviews. But it goes much deeper than that. So, assess what’s written about them objectively.


Before you hire a resume writer and spend money, think through these considerations because you might be able to do your CV yourself. In many cases, all you need is a simple makeover from your previous resume. But if you have never written a CV or are not getting job interviews in the UK, it is time to hire a professional CV writer.