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How to Choose the Best Mountain Climbing Shoes?

Climbing Shoes

Climbing is a lot of fun. However, you need the right pair of shoes to climb lest you are in store for injury and harm. It is extremely important that you choose the best beginner climbing shoes if you are new to climbing. Shoes make a huge amount of difference. They help you maintain balance and chances of skidding or falling reduce drastically.

In this article, we will provide you some tips to choose the best beginner climbing shoes. Selecting the right shoes is not an easy task. You should be aware of all the vital points, only then you will be able to choose the best climbing shoe.


Climbing shoes are available in three different shapes: moderate, neutral, and aggressive. Most beginners like to go for a neutral fit. However, some people like moderate shoe as it offers room for superior performance. 

  • Neutral: These shoes have a flat shape and a relaxed fit. They provide the wearer all-day comfort. They are usually symmetrical or mildly asymmetrical. They lend good prop to the midsole. Shoes of neutral shape are ideal for beginners as well as more experienced climbers. So, for those who are looking for comfortable shoes, these shoes are the best option. 
  • Moderate: The moderate climbing shoes are slightly downturned. They have an asymmetrical shape. This leads to better performance on steep terrain. This kind of shoe provides enhanced sensitivity as well as precision as compared to the neutral shoes, thus making this shape an ideal choice for the climbers that want a balance between comfort and performance. 
  • Aggressive: These shoes have an asymmetrical shape. There are hugely downturned and leads to pressure on the climb toe. These are not very comfortable. However, they work best for single-pitch sport routes as well as testing boulder problems. 

Sizing as well as Fit 

Climbing shoes need to fit snugly. They should not be overly tight. A beginner would not want the shoes to be painful. Just try your shoes before buying so that you know that they do not hurt and your climbing sessions are comfortable.

There is a huge variation in sizing between the various climbing shoes, even when it comes to the same brand. Always go by the sizing recommendations of the manufacturer. Try the shoes in person and choose with the help of an expert. Some retailers have a small climbing wall. This will allow you to test the shoes before you buy them.


Climbing shoes have a rubber sole. They either have a leather or synthetic top. The material of a climbing shoe has a bearing on its breathability. This will also affect how the shoe molds following the shape of the foot. 

Leather uppers offer shoe breathability as well as odor control but they will get stretched out in course of time. You must pay heed to the material of the shoe and stretch before you make up your mind as to which size you desire. 

So, these are some of the tips that you need to bear in mind when you purchase climbing shoes. Decide with caution otherwise, you will have to repent later on.  The right pair of climbing shoes will make your climbing task a lot of fun.