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How to Care For Acoustic Guitars?

Acoustic Guitars

Taking care of an acoustic guitar isn’t as easy as it sounds. Even the best acoustic guitars across the globe necessitate complete care as the body of an acoustic guitar is made of thin fine wood. So, due to this reason, it gets affected easily by variations in humidity and temperature. It is vital to maintain a temperature of 72- 77 Fahrenheit and humidity between 45- 55%, lest your acoustic guitar is in huge danger.

Impact of Cold and Humidity on Acoustic guitar

Even the top-rated acoustic guitars can develop cracks due to exposure to cold. In order to keep a tab on temperature and humidity, it is vital to have a hygrometer and thermometer so that the relative humidity and temperature of the surroundings can be measured with accuracy.

If the humidity in the air swells up, the moisture content of wood escalates and this causes it to swell and expand. If there is a gradual rise in humidity, it won’t cause permanent harm to the guitar, however, if both temperature and humidity rise suddenly the glue joints on the guitar will weaken causing the bridge of the guitar to pull off. So, you mustn’t place your instrument near a source of heat or keep it outside in freezing temperatures. Acoustic guitars cost an arm and a leg, so it makes all the more important to take adequate care of the same.

Cleaning an Acoustic Guitar

Whether you have a top-rated acoustic guitar or an ordinary one, it is imperative to clean it regularly so that it stays intact. Use a damp, warm cloth to clean an acoustic guitar. Do not use citric acid, alcohol, insect repellent, or an aftershave lotion as this will spoil the finish. Wipe the strings with a dry, soft cloth. This will help get rid of skin oils that get transferred on to your guitar when you play it.

Taking Care of the Strings

For different styles of playing, you need different strings. The strings do not last forever. Over time, the sound gets muffled as the strings begin to wear out. Just remember that you should replace the entire string set rather than replacing a single string as replacing one string leads to an unbalanced sound.

So, these are some of the things that you need to bear in mind as regards the care and maintenance of your acoustic guitar. If you take proper care of your guitar, it will continue to work well for a longer period.