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Home » How To Buy Budget-Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings That Look Expensive?

How To Buy Budget-Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings That Look Expensive?

Buy Budget-Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings
Buy Budget-Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings

Looking to get your partner the best diamond engagement ring that reflects the brilliance and looks expensive? Here’s an extensive blog, to help you choose the perfect diamond ring to get the best deal for it. With this blog, we are aiming to provide you with the best diamond engagement rings options that won’t hurt your bank balance but still look luxurious and expensive. The key point is to get the budget-friendly best diamond engagement ring that looks luxurious. 

While shopping for engagement rings, you’ll get to know that the bigger the diamond is, the more dollars you are going to spend on it. Likewise, you wish to get the best piece for your partner who is going to cherish the ring for a lifetime. 

Expert Advice: Get to know about the four C’s of diamonds that will help you to know more about diamond shopping and the buying process. 

  • Clarity of Diamond
  • Carat of Diamond 
  • Cut of Diamond
  • Color of Diamond

You don’t need to spend thousands to get the best diamond engagement rings that looks expensive. This is how we can help you. 

Tips That Help You Buy Pocket-Friendly Fine Jewelry That Reflects Elegance And Luxury

You may be thinking how it’s possible to get the best diamond engagement ring at effective pricing along with an expensive look. Trust me, it’s about the approach to a diamond engagement ring’s design. There are a few ring designs that can give you the look of expensive and luxurious rings and that too without breaking the wallet. Just have a glimpse at our tips on getting your desired ring without spending much.  

The Diamond Must Look Bigger

We all know how a bigger diamond looks and how much it costs. There’s a reason that big diamonds always get attention. One of the prime examples is celebrities wearing them. The value of the ring is what matters the most. If you have already set the goal to get yourself a piece that looks expensive, you should shop for diamonds that look bigger. The best ring setting that will make the center diamond look bigger is Halo Set.

The Effect Of Halo

The halo set holds the tag of one of the most popular engagement rings settings on the market as it gives an expensive look without biting our pocket. The center diamond is placed in such a manner that gets the illusion of a larger diamond as it is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. One carat halo engagement rings makes it look as if the diamond is two carat because of the tiny halo of diamonds surrounding it from either side. 

You can also go for a double halo ring setting that features two layers of accent diamonds that surround the center stone, creating an illusion of a bigger diamond. Isn’t it amazing that one carat ring will start to look like a three carat diamond ring. 

The best part about halo diamond ring setting is you’ll get to choose the ring from many available designs and styles. 

Thin Ring Band Effect

Another ring setting that you can consider from available style is a thin ring band type. When you have a center diamond on a sleek skinny ring band, it automatically starts to look bigger, no matter what the size is. 

This style works nicely with a solitaire engagement rings design. The solitaire ring setting features a center diamond held by prongs. The center diamond plays the protagonist here, reflecting a huge look. The other best part about the solitaire ring is that it comes under budget-friendly prices.  

The More The Diamonds, The More Expensive It Looks

The secret of the best diamond engagement ring is that it is accentuated with tiny diamonds all around it. Multiple diamonds helps to add more texture and elements to the design of the ring. The diamonds on either side collectively reflect more light. Due to the light reflecting from each side, the ring tends to look glamorous and brighter. Also, the small diamonds are comparatively less expensive. For instance, ten to twelve diamonds perfectly complement the center dominating diamond and still be the pocket-friendly piece.

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