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How to Buy and Install Pallet Racks for a Food Warehouse?

Install Pallet Racks

Pallet racks are an integral part of a food warehouse. While the installation of pallet racks is relatively simple, it needs to be strategized from before. When buying pallet racks for sale, you must plan how you want to use these racks and what system you want to associate with them. 

If the pallet racks in your warehouse are not installed properly and systematically, they can look cluttered and disorganized in no time at all. So, even before buying pallet racks, it is essential to consider various factors like the region’s seismic demands and install the proper gauge for the pallet racks accordingly.

Buying pallet racks

Designing a pallet rack system in your warehouse can help you get organized and get your work done faster. However, there is a long list of things to consider before buying pallet racks. The pallet racking system can vary considerably depending on its configuration and usage, so you must systematically take care of this part. 

  • The number of stock-keeping units or SKUs: A stock-keeping unit refers to a unique number that a retailer assigns to a product to track their inventory. You need to understand the number of SKUs stored before you can understand the design of the pallet rack systems. For example, if you need to keep five different SKUs, they will all have their particular dimensions.
  • You need to keep in mind and consider the kind of products you will keep in the warehouse. Special consideration has to be made for products that need to be climate controlled or are excessively fragile.
  • The dimension of the pallets has to be kept in mind to maximize storage space during the entire operation.
  • Also, consider the total number of pallets required for storage in every rack system. 
  • The weight of each pallet has to be determined. It will help you understand the capacity of the steel beams. At this stage, the weight should also determine if the racking system needs additional support for standing upright. 
  • Keep in mind whether you use a first-in-first-out (FIFO) or a last-in-first-out (LIFO) system in your warehouse. 

Installing Pallet Racks

The installation of pallet racks is an extremely important activity that has to be planned well in advance. Once you purchase the pallet racks for sale, start the installation without any delays. This will be dependent on the seismic demands of the particular region. It will directly affect the support of beams and the height of the pallet racks that can be allowed. 

After installation takes place, it is crucial to survey the area taking note of the ceiling height and the location of the structural beams. When the first track is being installed, make sure that it is squared off from all directions. This will help you get a good idea of installing the pallet racks properly and ensuring they take their places correctly. 

When an entire row has been constructed, tighten the back connectors to secure the pallet rack and avoid accidental spilling of contents. After the pallet rack has been successfully installed, you can also install additional shelves. Make sure that the footplates are completely anchored. It is essential to follow the right steps when installing a pallet rack to ensure maximum safety. 

The installation of pallet racks in your food warehouse is a step towards making it much more organized and clutter-free. This is an excellent way of tidying up your warehouse and establishing a proper organizational system to sustain perishable items for a long time.  

You need to make sure that you consider every aspect of a pallet rack system before investing in one. Whatever decision you make, buy your racks from a trusted supplier having years of experience handling pallet racking systems.