Different types of ceiling designs

When you are thinking about the roof of our houses, the plain white color roof comes to our mind. With the changing environment, our thinking pattern is also changing. We want our houses to look attractive to us and the onlookers. If we give a unique pattern or design to our ceiling, it will look more attractive that any art or furniture can’t do. Ceiling design plays a great role in making our houses more beautiful and attractive. It can grab attention if you have designed your ceiling. Different types of ceiling designs can be chosen by the customers, these are as follows:

  • The conventional ceiling is the most common type which we see in homes. These are easy to decorate but it is also important to note that these are not special.
  • A suspended or drop ceiling is different as it is built below the existing ceiling. It is a stylish way of hiding the old fashioned plain ceiling. It’s a good idea of decorating the ceiling but it reduces the height of your room by a minimum of 6 inches. This can create a problem if you are planning to use this drop ceiling in the basement.
  • The tray ceiling is what we normally see in the kitchens and dining rooms. It resembles to tray. It is a unique way to make your house’s roofs look attractive and taller. This always attracts the eyes of everyone.
  • The coffered ceiling is more often used in luxury homes or high-end homes. This is can be called the center of attraction in our homes. And it is always a good choice to go for a coffered ceiling.
  • Cathedral or vaulted ceiling is high and these are having equal slopping slides that form V upside down. This type of ceiling is used in the dining room or living rooms but nowadays this ceiling is being used in the master bedroom and bathrooms too. It gives a soothing effect on our eyes.
  • The beamed ceiling is now taking the highest importance among its customers. Even it is a traditional way to style the roof still it is gaining the maximum popularity. In beam ceiling load bearing beams are exposed in our house.
  • Coved ceiling is featured with curved molding and it starts from the main wall of the room, up to the roof, and creates a round concave surface in the side. Its transition effect looks so attractive that its demand is increasing with its tremendous look. This type of ceiling is generally can be seen in the living rooms or the master room, to make the rooms more attractive.

Hence, we can see that designing the roof can change the entire look of the house. Besides this, pop plaster of Paris is made up of white powder which includes calcium sulfate hemihydrates. It gets harden when it comes in the contact of moisture and after that it starts getting dry immediately. This pop plaster doesn’t get shrink or crack when it gets dry. Most of the sculptures use this plaster because of its features. With the help of this plaster, they can shape their idea and achieve the desired results.

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