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he industrial revolution gave rise to a modern capitalist society that dominates the economies today. Though there is no single free-market economy globally, most economies follow mixed market systems similar to free-market values. Understanding the market and the economy is not easy. Even if you have theoretical/book knowledge, seeing it unfold in front of your eyes in the real world is entirely different. The economic environment of most countries is relatively hostile. You need to understand what you are getting into before deciding to conduct business activity in any given state. It would be best to consider several things when starting an entity and to set up a business on the ground.

Investing in your business and incurring losses soon after can be heartbreaking. People often invest their life’s savings into a venture to generate some income. Tragically, many of these businesses never make it because the environment is exceptionally cutthroat, and local economic politics play a significant role in society. 

If you are looking to achieve business growth in a cutthroat environment, we might have a few helpful tips for you today.

Educate yourself

We are in no way intending to discriminate against people who never went to college. Millions of people in America and around the world do just fine in life without a degree. However, we would recommend that if given a chance to pursue your business degree, take it. It will add weight to your survival in the competitive market and give you the knowledge to handle situations that may seem overwhelming at times.

Modern times have given us access to technology as we never had before. If you pursue a master of business online while working on your business on the side, it would be perfect. Having theoretical knowledge alongside hands-on experience would do wonders for your career. 

Conduct research into the market

To stay afloat and grow as a business, you should know a thing or two about the market environment. Secondary research sources exist all around us. A simple Google search can teach you more about your economic society than anything else. Not only will it provide insight into the environment, but you can also gain access to public records of competitors, etc.

Working with this information will significantly help you gain an edge in the market. Conduct research, apply it, and watch how your business begins to grow.

Offer value-added services

Depending on what line of business you are in, consider offering something over and above what the competition does. Therefore, the goal is to stand out amongst the others; ensuring that you have something special which they don’t is critical. Value-added services are a great way to stand out and build a relationship with your customer base.

After-sales services can be a great way to build yourself in the market. For example, if you sell cars, consider offering mechanical services for the vehicle within one month of buying it. That would give the consumers the impression that the company cares about them. 

Know the laws

It’s important to know where to push the boundaries and where to pull back in a cutthroat environment. Understandably you would want to do all you can to survive in the competitive market. Still, you need to know what is permissible. Chances are your competition has got you pinned down so severely that you are considering lowering your prices. However, many people are unaware that they could be committing a crime if they drop the prices too much? Yes, it’s true. There is a reason why goods and services of similar nature are roughly in the same price bracket. They legally can’t lower them too much. Working within the legal system is always the best way to go. Getting caught up in a lawsuit costs a ton of money and dishonors the company name. 

Using technology

Human error has traditionally been one of the significant drawbacks of business activity. Human errors can be unintended, but that doesn’t change the fact that they can have dire consequences.

Adopting technology in the business can help reduce the margin for error significantly. Accounting, operations, and marketing are all departments that could use technology. With the reduction in errors, you will find less wastage of resources and more money to reinvest in the business. What does this mean? You have the potential to grow now that you have fewer mistakes being made in the company. 


Operating a business is not a cakewalk as you have to ensure that you remain on top of current trends and make your place in the market. Understanding the ins and outs of how the market works is extremely important. Making your place, developing a consumer base, and staying out of the way of competitive companies is how you can survive and grow.

Mixing and matching some of the tips we have discussed can help achieve your business goals. COVID19 has brought a challenging time to the majority of businesses in the world.