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8 Steps To Easily Create More Bedroom Storage

Your bedroom is more than just a sanctuary where you can get some rest. It is also the room where you store most of your stuff. From clothes to personal books, it is no surprise that your bedroom storage runs out fast. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to maximize your bedroom space further. Whether you have a tiny bedroom or you have more stuff to store, there’s a solution for that! With a few rearrangements and a little budget, you can make it happen to keep your sanctuary clutter-free! So without further ado, here are some things that you can do to your room to get more space. 

Elevate your bed.

What type of bed frame are you using? If you don’t have one yet, then we suggest that you get one! Using a bed frame doesn’t only elevate your bed, but can even give you ample under-bed storage. This is one of the best bedroom storage ideas that you can take advantage of. This space should be enough for your seasonal stuff, things that you rarely use, and even for linens and pillowcases. If you want to protect your stuff further, you can also invest in an under-bed storage solution to keep everything in place. 

Wall-mount some shelves. 

This is a no-brainer solution that anyone can do. If you don’t have any more floor space, then you can use the vertical spaces. Make sure that before you install the shelves, plan where you’re going to put them and how you’re going to stack them. You wouldn’t want to make a visual clutter once you put stuff on the shelves. You may also consider installing corner shelves. They also come in different shapes and sizes, so pick what works with your room’s motif and needs.

Buy a storage bench.

Another thing that you should consider is buying furniture for a dual purpose. One piece of furniture that you should get is a storage bench. More than just a seating option, you should be able to store a lot of stuff and clutter inside. Do note that some storage benches may be costly, yet they are the best long-term investment. They also come in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Invest in a loft bed.

If you’re one of those who has a tiny bedroom or an apartment, then you might need more than just space for a storage solution. The next best thing that you can invest in is a loft bed. When you lift your bed, you can separate your resting space and your workstation. When planning for your loft bed, there are things that you should consider. Some of which are the following: height of the ceiling, the weight of the mattress, and materials.

Consider adding a rolling cart.

This is another storage solution, aside from installing shelves and investing in heavy furniture. The best thing about rolling carts is that you can easily transport them from one corner to another. Plus, it is a mobile bar for any hobby that you have. Love arts? Then use it for your arts and crafts. Do you want your library in your room? Then a cart should give you space for your book series.

Make everything float!

As much as possible, wall mount everything! There are murphy beds that you can buy from your local store. You can put it up once you get out of the bed for more space. There are also other pieces of furniture that you can wall-mount, such as desks, corner tables, and TVs. Just double-check with your landlord or contractor before you start any projects.

Enhance the light in your room.

This is technically a storage solution but more of a hack. The rule of thumb is darker colored rooms give your room the illusion that it is tiny. So to counter this, you can change your bulbs into something brighter. Or even better, open up your window and let the sunshine in! Uncovering your window also gives your room some depth. 

Use the KonMari way.

If you have too much stuff in your room, then it might be time to let go of some of them. In other words, you have to use the KonMari method made by Marie Kondo. Collate all your stuff, categorize them, then pick the ones that don’t spark any joy for you anymore and let it go. This way takes a lot of time to do, and you’d have to think about it. 

Strategically organize your stuff today!

So there you have it! Here are some things that you can easily implement today to keep your bedroom cohesive and in place. Depending on your budget and the time you have, most of the ones listed above are already proven. If you’re still wondering where to get storage organizers for this reason, then you can check out Storables online! It is the one-stop-shop for all your organizing hacks, tips, and how you can make your bedroom more alluring!