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How Do Everpure Water Filter Cartridges Work?

Everpure Water Filter Cartridges

The line of Everpure water filtration systems by Pentair widely regarded as some of the most effective home filtration options on the market. These systems come in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on the filtration needs of various households.

Everpure Water Filter Cartridges

All of these systems are designed to offer incredible water quality without the need for the daily maintenance. That some common household water filters require. The key to the effectiveness of these water filters is the design of Everpure water filter cartridges. These deceptively simple looking filter canisters are packed with powerful filtration media. That designed to remove harmful contaminants and leave you with clean and crisp filtered water.

Filtration Quality

When it comes to filtration, you need to think about the level of filtration that your system can offer. While there are a few different ways to determine how effective a filter cartridge can be? One easy metric is to look at the size of particles that a filter can remove.

The Micro-Pure filter media inside Everpure water filter cartridges is capable of removing particles as small as 0.5 microns in size. To give a perspective, 0.5 microns is 100 times smaller than the width of a strand of hair.

This means that these water filters are designed to remove harmful contaminants like heavy metals and disease causing biological cysts. They can also help to remove the contaminants responsible for foul tastes and odors in your drinking water.

All of Everpure’s filters are also tested by the National Science Foundation or NSF. This organization tests and certifies that foodservice products meet certain standards. All Everpure systems are NSF certified to meet various standards based on their intended design.

Inside a Cartridge

From the outside, an Everpure cartridge is a fairly innocuous metal cylinder. The reality is that each of these cartridges packed with enough filtration media to process hundreds to thousands of gallons of drinking water. Some of Everpure’s most popular models are a part of their “H series” filtration line. All of these filters feature cartridges that contain a pleated membrane of filtration material.

This unique design increases the available surface area within the cartridge while also allowing for quality water flow. Other Everpure cartridges feature a solid carbon block filter design. The insides of these cartridges packed with filtration media in a specially designed process. That creates a porous block that allows water flow while also offering an incredible filter life span.


The lifespan of Everpure filter cartridges measured in terms of how many gallons each cartridge rated to filter. This can range from 300 gallons in the case of the H300 filter to 6000 gallons for the EF-6000 filter system.

Regardless of the capacity of your system. It recommended that the cartridges should changed at least once per year. If you notice that you are using cartridges at a more frequent rate. You can always upgrade to a cartridge with a larger capacity. As long as it designed to fit your system’s filter head.

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