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Top 5 Tree Trimming Tips and Tricks

Tree Trimming Tips and Tricks

Trimming is essential for the trees. It improves the health of trees and helps it to stay green and keep a healthy appearance for a long time.

If you have a lawn or garden with trees in it, make sure to take care of it. It’s refreshing to have green trees around the house. 

Therefore, should always look out for long and dead branches and trim them off as soon as possible. Trimming trees is not a hard task and you can do it on your own.

You just need the right tools and knowledge to prune your trees. The following are the tips and tricks which will help you in doing so. 

Tree Trimming Tips & Tricks

Tree Trimming Tips and Tricks

Choose Dormant Time to Trim

The first thing to keep in mind is that you should always trim the trees in their dormant days. Get your trees pruned in late winter or early spring.

There will be no leaves, therefore, you will be able to see all branches of the tree and cut dead or wild ones off. This is one of the best and most important tree-trimming tips.

This season is the best time for the tree as well. The sap production of the tree is lower so no insects or pests will reside in the tree. The Insects won’t be able to invade the tree and spread diseases. The tree will be able to heal faster and will bloom amazingly in its growing season. 

But if in case, you see any damaged branch which has died, cut that branch off immediately. Tree trimming cost varies and if you want to save it, you should do it yourself.

Stay Completely Alert While Cutting

You need to be completely focused while cutting the branches. Make appropriate cuts near the trunk or branch.

If you make wrong cuts then this will lead to hollow trunks. Thoroughly check and cut all stubs. Leaving stubs allows decay and decay to eat up your tree.

Some recommended tips are to remove dying branches. Trim the limbs that grow towards the center or rub against each other. Take narrow angles and make cuts close to the branch. If you are not confident enough to do so then call a tree service company. 

Do Not Over Cut Your Plants

Never overcut your trees. It should be pruned up to 25% only. If done more than that, then it will harm your plant. In the summer season, it is advised to not prune the tree or the plant more than 15% at a time. 

Thoroughly Check and Remove Dead Stems

To prevent the disease from spreading cut all dead or diseased stems immediately.

Doing so will help the tree to grow more efficiently. If ignored then the tree will be unable to grow and you might end up calling a tree removal service.

Do Not Apply Any Sealant

It is highly recommended not to apply any sort of sealant on the newly cut branches. Trees naturally make their sealant. Therefore there is no need for artificial coating. Artificial sealants usually harm trees.

Why Tree Trimming is Important?

The sun plays a crucial role in the way all living things work. Plants need proper sunlight for growth and humans to need vitamin D naturally.

When you ignore the proper pruning of trees, they grow uniformly. It stops the proper circulation of air and sunlight to most parts of the tree.

Proper trimming of trees will provide you with adequate sunlight that arrives at your home so you can have that natural intake of vitamin D. It will also enhance air circulation and the range of sunlight to the entire tree and surrounding plants.

Among all the advantages you get from pruning trees on your lawn from a tree pruner, what should be really commendable is how crucial and beneficial it is to the health of trees.

Regular pruning of the branches helps the tree to develop and grow healthier branches. It also helps in getting rid of the weakest branches that can be prone to disease.

If you don’t prune the trees, they will grow in any direction and size that seems appropriate. It is not possible to restrict the growth of a tree in a specific direction without proper pruning.

When there are overhanging and grown branches on the tree in your lawn, it is a sign of danger.  These trees are also becoming a threat to anyone who passes by him.

Strong winds and rain often tear down these dead and protruding branches of trees which cause damage to anyone underneath or even your home.


Trim your trees to maintain their health and natural beauty. It is always a good idea to have some plants and trees in your lawn and garden. Don’t keep your lawn empty.

Gardening is a fun activity to do as well. You will certainly enjoy the fresh air of breath every morning before heading off to work.

Hence, do consider having trees around you. Also, they are living things, therefore, take care of them. They are essential for us as they provide oxygen.

So, plant as many trees as you can, and never forget to trim them when needed.

I hope you would like these tree-trimming tips and tricks. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with the community around you.