How Can You Encourage Kids to Sleep on Their Own?

All parents experience sleeping beside their children on their bed. But some children are already taught to sleep independently even at a very young age. However, there are still children who prefer sleeping on their parents’ bed because of several factors, like being afraid to sleep alone or not being used to sleep away from their parents. But if you start to feel like you need to have your own bed space at night already, then it is time to tell your kids to start sleeping on their beds.

Kids beds are one of the most important things you should provide to encourage them to sleep independently. Kids tend to make many excuses at night to get out of their bed or room and stay with their parents. However, it is also important that you teach them the importance of being independent in their small ways. But remember, you also need to make their room and bed as comfortable and safe as it can be to ensure that your kids love staying on their own.

Things to consider in making sure that your kids receive a safe and cosy bed

  • Size: Usually, most parents choose the typical option as a single-sized bed since kids will be the ones who will lay on it. But it would help if you also considered the height of your children and their behaviour when sleeping. Do they often move while sleeping? If yes, it would be best if you would invest in a larger mattress from the start. Besides, kids grow fast and investing in large kids beds as early as you can be a wise decision for you and your kids. It is also recommended to provide your kids with a bed with a large space for them to easily move and stretch.
  • Bedding features: When you set up a bed for your kids, make sure you keep it according to how they like it. Follow and listen to their preferences. Ask them for their favourite colour and design. Guarantee them that you will provide a bed that is most suitable and most appropriate for their age. Your kids will sleep on the bed and not you, so it is best to give them what they want to establish a bed that looks and feels very comfortable to them. Once they see that their bed is filled with their favourite stuff, they’ll most probably want to stay in bed all day and night, undoubtedly.
  • Softness and comfort of materials: Choose the perfect type of mattress for your kids by asking them about their preferences once again. Do they want a bouncy mattress or a firm one? Regardless, make sure that you buy a high-quality and soft mattress that wouldn’t hurt and injure their backs. Mattress stores offer various firmness levels – soft, medium, gently firm, firm, and super firm. For pillows, it would be best if you choose the right size for their body to ensure that they wouldn’t hurt their necks; buy pillows that are also soft and comfortable. Also, choose sheets and blankets that are comfortable and would not irritate your kids in any way. Cotton fabrics are usually the common options for a bedsheet. Lastly, add some extra finishing touches like throw pillows and stuffed toys. Adding these items will make them want to cuddle on their bed more. To infuse a touch of whimsy and irresistibly soft comfort, consider placing an order penguin plush. This adorable companion will not only serve as a delightful decoration but also as a cuddly friend, making bedtime an even more inviting and cherished experience for your little ones.


There’s nothing wrong with your kids sleeping beside you on your bed, but sometimes, you might feel like it’s time to regain your personal bed space back especially if your kids are at the right age to sleep on their own already. Teaching your kids to be in their bedrooms is also one of the many steps in teaching them how to be independent. Before you finally let them stay on their bed, make sure that you provide them with the most comfortable and cozy bed first. Consider some factors like the mattress size, bedding features, and the types of fabrics and materials that you would give them. Having a comfortable not only provides them with joy but also better and sound sleep.  

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