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Cheap House Cleaning Services – Tips on How to Choose the Best Service

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Cheap House Cleaning Services

It’s easy to get distracted by data overload while hunting for a professional home cleaning company. It might take several days, maybe even weeks, to sort through websites, get quotes, and talk with each provider to go through.

Even, then you can still not be sure whether or not you can get the most out of your money. So, here are simple tips on how to choose the best house cleaning services.

Before hiring a cleaning service, be sure to read this if you have never booked a service before or are on the hunt for a new cleaning service.

Know Your Things About Home Cleaning Companies

First of all, since not all cleaning facilities perform the same services. It is important to enlist the items you really want to be cleaned. Some, for instance, do your laundry, wash the dishes, make the beds, etc.

Cheap House Cleaning Services

So before you hire anyone, it’s important to know what you need to make sure that the company you employ does those duties. And it’s advised not to assume anything. There’s nothing worse than coming home and finding that the laundry is not finished because it’s not part of the services of the company you hired.

Secondly, if you want to remain within your budget, choosing what you really need to be cleaned is a way to make it a little cheaper. Reducing the number of appointments in a month is another thing you can do. You can get away with bi-weekly appointments instead of weekly appointments.

Ask Friend’s Recommendations or See Online Reviews

Asking family, friends, and colleagues, who have hired Cleaning Reston VA before, for their suggestions will save you from many troubles. You know they will recommend the best service. If they had a good experience with a company, then, probably, you will have the same experience.

Furthermore, reading up on a company’s customer feedback will give you an idea of what you’re getting into if you don’t have someone to ask or want to do your own quest. Access the reviews of cleaning companies on search engines, social media platforms, and their own website.

Don’t go for the company with all the positive reviews as they might be fake. If there are mostly positive reviews and a few poor ones, that’s the company you may hire.

Figure Out the Frequency of Appointments

Do you need regular cleaning, weekly or bi-weekly cleaning? Or maybe just a one-time cleaning service while moving out?

Figure out how often you will need to arrange appointments for house cleaners. Can you maybe get away with bi-weekly cleaning instead of a weekly cleaning service?

Just bear in mind that the more frequent the appointments, the more affordable it would be in terms of cost per visit. Bi-weekly cleanings, for instance, will be cheaper than monthly appointments.

If you feel like you don’t need it as much, just start with regular appointments. Then change your cleaning services later on or vice versa by going monthly and increasing the frequency if desired. Due to how extensive the cleaning is and because it’s not an ongoing, routine operation, move-outs and one-time appointments will always cost the most per visit.

Cleaning Tips Do A Walk Through

Here is a pro cleaning tip; do a walk-through with the cleaner after the cleaning has been finished to ensure that the required task has been completed perfectly.

This offers you an opportunity to see if anything has been overlooked. If there is a need for a little more attention in a certain area of your place that requires deep cleaning. It’s almost impossible to convince them to come back the same day after the cleaners leave. So make sure that everything looks fine before they leave.

If at the time of operation, you can’t be present, make sure you do the walk-through as soon as possible. There is a cleaning service guarantee from some reliable cleaning firms, but you have to inform them of any concerns within 24 hours.

The Flat Rate Is Not That Bad

You may go for the cleaning professionals that come with a cleaning plan at a flat rate instead of an hourly rate. This is more helpful in situations like if you’re booking a move-out or move-in service.

For instance, moving into a new place demands attention to many things, like light fixtures, ceiling fans cleaning, couch cleaning, etc.

If you hire a company with flat rates, you will save both your time and money. The quality and effort of the maid service is not something that you can know beforehand.

Furthermore, a flat rate means that when you see the bill, you know what you are paying for. In this way, you will not be charged for some ambiguous services later on.

Know Who You Are Hiring

It is imperative to know who the cleaning company sends to your home for cleaning and how they search for their employees’ references.

Is it a bonafide service organization with a stable employee list, or is it a sharing-economy company popping up with random people?

Note, you let someone into your most sacred room, which houses your most precious items when you hire a cleaner. Who can you trust for real? Ask the company how and if, they search their employees for interviews.

Do the cleaners come with their background checks? In addition, do they use their own cleaning supplies and machines, or do you have to provide your own? It is necessary to address this thing to keep out of any misunderstandings in the future.

A cleaning pro team member will always be well-equipped. Still, you are advised to determine all such things.


Cleaning your space is a must-to-do thing. Although, it is a bothersome task especially if you have a hectic daily routine.

That’s why you can always go for professionals. No matter how thorough the cleaning process you require, experts will give you optimal results. From spring cleaning to removing even a small pet hair, they do it all.

But before hiring any cleaning company, make sure to follow the tips mentioned above for a good experience.