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Good Hygiene starts with Clean Water Tank!

Perhaps all of us know that unhealthy water makes the human body prone to several fatal diseases. Lesser known and under-promoted statistics is that 40% of overall deaths are caused by contaminated water, in Pakistan. Yes, the volume of water deaths is that high. In many areas of the country, people rely on water tanks for cooking, washing, and bathing. Hence, regular and efficient cleaning of these tanks is more than critical. Do not think that only drinking water has to be pure and clean.

An unclean water tank is conducive to highly dangerous germs and bacteria. To ensure your and your family’s well-being, you must get your water tank cleaned twice, or at least once a year. It does not have to be a sanitary emergency, but a routine cleaning project of the year.

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Types of Water Tanks

There are two mainstream types of water tanks. One is the Cement or concrete tank and the other is a Plastic tank. Both are common in Pakistan.

Before any details, please note that both of them need regular cleaning and maintenance to operate to their fullest potential. Therefore it’s wise to hire a water tank cleaning service that maintains all hygienic standards and cleans the tank thoroughly. At Mr.Mahir, we have an experienced team with a diverse skill set that will clean your water tank professionally and efficiently, regardless of water tank type.

Cement Tank

This is a durable and stronger type of water tank. In most cases, they are installed underground. However, if the size is not large, above-ground construction is also possible. The newer cement water tanks have higher levels of pH.

Water stays cool due to the insulation value of concrete. This is why cement water tanks are remarkably successful in Pakistan. The country’s hot climate makes them the best choice when people yearn for cold water.

The dirt and rust accumulate on the concrete water tanks, when not cleaned frequently. In Mr.Mahir’s team, there are professionally trained individuals with years of experience in water tank cleaning. Set your appointment today at Oiler Depot, to ensure that your water tank provides clean water and functions at the optimal level. This is a matter of the health of your kids therefore, compromising on less than the best water tank cleaning services would be not practical.

Plastic Tank

Plastic tanks are also very common in many countries of the world, for the last two decades.  In most of them, Polythene is used to provide maximum durability. Moreover, this is non-corrosive material so the tank does not rust or suffer from corrosion. These tanks are light in weight and easy to handle.

The reason for the immense popularity of plastic tanks is their cost-effective buying and installation.

The plastic water tank also has to be disinfected and cleaned regularly. Otherwise, it will not deliver potable and clean water. 

Water tank cleaning near me

Since we all think about who does the best water tank cleaning near me, please know that Mr.Mahir provides water tank cleaning services at their best throughout Lahore city. In the future, we plan to scale the operations to other major cities of the country as well.

Many people, who have water filters installed at homes or offices, think water-related ailments will not catch them. Yes, water filters work well at this, but they are not 100% reliable. For maximum protection, water tank cleaning is necessary. Therefore, don’t delay, pick up your phone and get in touch with us today!