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FM Radio on Bluetooth Speakers

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When we take a look at the development of FM radio from its beginnings and up till today, we can see a great improvement. Today, you can listen to it almost everywhere – at home, in your car, smartphone, or portable radio player. However, we also have AM radio. Most people avoid it because they think it’s more about talking, not music. However, although there is some truth in this it is definitely not something that makes it different from FM radio. The main difference between these two is the carrier waves and how they model them. 

However, this isn’t something we would like to discuss in this article, let’s leave it to some other time. What interests us at the moment is how to listen to our favorite FM Radio station on our Bluetooth speakers.

So, let’s take a closer look at this!

Want to play FM Radio on a Bluetooth Speaker? Here is how to do it.

With the rapid development of the Internet, FM radio slowly moved to Internet radio. Because of this more people can use it and more radio stations appear every day. This expansion of internet radio even made it easy to listen to international radio stations which is excellent for people interested in it. 

Bluetooth Speakers with an integrated FM Tuner

There are Bluetooth speakers with integrated FM tuners. In this case, all you need to do is to press the Mode button and change the speaker mode from Bluetooth or AUX to FM radio. After you select this mode you can easily search for a radio station using the Volume UP and DOWN buttons on the speaker. In most cases, the speaker will have an Auto search option.

The built-in FM radio is not that rare today, even the cheaper mini Bluetooth speakers usually come with it and we have to admit that it is quite a good feature because you don’t have to depend on your smartphone in order to enjoy your music.

Bluetooth Speakers without an integrated FM Tuner

Not all speakers come with an integrated FM tuner. How to listen to your favorite FM radio station then? Well, if you have such speakers, you can use their AUX or Bluetooth connection to connect them to your smartphone.

Of course, you will have to install an FM or Internet radio app on it and search for a radio station. After finding your radio station, pair up your smartphone and speakers and enjoy your music. You can also use an AUX cable to connect them and listen to your radio station!

FM Radio on Bluetooth Speakers: What are the advantages?

If we want to point out the advantages of listening to FM radio using your speakers, probably the most important one is being able to listen at higher volumes. Your smartphone can’t be loud enough or the sound will be distorted. This is definitely not something we want to listen to at all.

The bass is much better. If you are using Bluetooth speakers you will notice that the bass is much better than on the ones your smartphone has. After all, the overall sound quality is much better so you can really enjoy the music coming from your favorite FM radio station.

You can listen to your music anywhere, anytime. If your Bluetooth speaker has a built-in FM radio you can easily listen to your music everywhere. And in today’s world, portability is very important and there are many situations where you will really appreciate having your music with you.