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First Corona Vaccine In World, Russia Gets Orders of Vaccine From 20 Countries

Russia has claimed to have made the first corona vaccine in world. Named ‘Sputnik V’, the vaccine has successfully completed human trial and apparently Putin’s daughter was one of the first people who was given the vaccine. More than 20 countries have given orders of around 1 Billion doses to Russia. Kirill Dmitryev of Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) has said that many Latin American, Asian and Middle Eastern countries have placed their orders. Third phase of the trials will happen in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, India, Phillipines etc.

In a statement released by the Russian government, Russian Direct Investment Fund(RDIF) is funding the production of corona vaccine Russia, Sputnik V with its portfolio companies, R-Pharm and Binnopharm both of which belong to the Ailum Group. Sensing the huge demands of the vaccine, RDIF is in plans to collaborate with sovereign wealth funds of other countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, South Korea, Cuba and Turkey.

Covid 19 Vaccine Successful Trial, Mass Production In Five Countries

Russian President, Putin has said that one of his daughters was given the new vaccine and she is doing well, meaning that the vaccine is safe for use. RDIF head Kirill said that they plan to produce 500 million vaccines every year with the help of five countries including India. The vaccine was developed by Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology along with RDIF after corona virus vaccine successful trial. The mass production is set to begin in September in full force.

The corona vaccine Russia is supposed to provide immunity for 2 years according to Russian Health Minister, Mikhail Muraskho. The Sputnik V vaccine comes in two shots that contains two types of adenoviruses which have been engineered to carry the gene for the surface protein of SARS-CoV-2. The vaccine will be first given to the doctors and the frontline workers according to a statement by Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Govikova.

Few Scientists Doubtful, WHO warns Russia

Many scientists around the world including those of the United States of America had expressed their doubts over the Covid-19 vaccine successful trial. They had raised concerns over Russia’s insistence of registering the vaccine without completing Phase-III trials which take several months. They think Russia is not taking safety measures to ensure a quality vaccine. US Health Minister Alex Azar has said that making a safe and effective vaccine is more important than making the world’s first vaccine. Even World Health Organisation had warned Russia to strictly adhere to WHO’s stated standards for the development of safe and effective vaccines.

Though all of that fell flat and countries like US and UK are already following Russia’s footsteps of corona virus vaccine successful trial to speed up the process.

Meanwhile, as of today top Russian leaders have already been inoculated with the Covid vaccine. Russia has also allowed people above 60 to take part in clinical trials of the vaccine. The vaccination of high risk groups will begin in November-December. It is also working to make a second vaccine by the end of September or early October.