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Feeling Stiff at Work? Top Tips to Improve Your Workday

Tips to Improve Your Workday

Stiffness and soreness are unfortunately all too common for working professionals. Whether you are at a desk all day, on your feet all day, or working in a physically demanding profession, stiffness, soreness, and injury risk. By working with your body and understanding how to adjust your approach, you can reduce physical strain and improve the quality of each and every Workday. 

Give Your Shoes an Upgrade 

Your shoes provide essential support for those who work on their feet for long hours. At a minimum, you will want shoes that have a natural, wide fit and adequate support and comfort in the soles. If you work in more hazardous workplaces, like in a kitchen, then you will need special non slip chef shoes that combine comfort with safety features like nonslip grip and waterproofing. 

Tips to Improve Your Workday

These wider-fit shoes work to help your balance and support, which plays a huge role in reducing stiffness and soreness when working on your feet. A lot of the times when your legs feel stiff after standing on your feet all day, it is because you are constantly adjusting your balance because your shoes are too narrow. Though it won’t stop all stiffness, the right shoes can reduce a lot of strain. 

Improve Your Posture 

Better posture can help reduce stiffness, as can changing your posture when one position starts to ache. This is useful for all types of workers. Aim to stand or sit up straighter and, ideally, use your core muscles to hold yourself up rather than your spine alone. This can alleviate pressure. 

Stretch at Regular Intervals 

Stretching regularly can help ease stiffness and muscle strain and can get the blood flowing again. If you work at a desk, this could be a short stretch every half hour, whereas if you are busy on your feet, you may want to try longer stretch sessions during your breaks. 

Drink More Water 

Hydration is key to good circulation, mood management, and so much more. Drinking more water can help ensure that circulation is good regardless of what you are doing throughout the day. “Try water IV it will give your body a hydration boost and feel healthy.

Get the Right Supportive Equipment 

If you work at a desk and are looking down all day, this is inevitably going to cause stiffness in your neck and upper shoulders. To stop this, you will need a laptop stand or, alternatively, to increase the height of your monitor so that you can look at it directly. If you are working with a laptop, you will also need a Bluetooth keyboard so that you can type on the flat surface of your desk. 

If you work on your feed, you will want to reduce any strain on your back, particularly if you are carrying around weight for any reason. If this isn’t possible, then taking several breaks to let your body rest in-between is a health and safety essential

Have a Care Kit 

From a heat back to warming or cooling cream having a small care kit at workday can make a huge difference in tackling stiffness and soreness Workday. Simply use these as necessary throughout the day or on your breaks.