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Home » Factors to Consider When Choosing an Entry Door; Vinyl, Wood, and Fiberglass Doors

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Entry Door; Vinyl, Wood, and Fiberglass Doors

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Entry Door
Factors to Consider When Choosing an Entry Door

The entry door is the first part of the home visitors see, giving excellent first impressions. The doors are available in many styles and designs, types and different materials such as wood, vinyl and fiberglass doors. When selecting a front door, factors like aesthetics, materials, and security should be at the forefront. 

Researching the door materials, their characteristics, and pros and cons will help with your selection. Also, ensure you buy a door that pairs well with your home’s architectural style such as modern fiberglass Toronto doors. This way, you will maintain the home’s value and also its aesthetics. 

1. Consider The Security Of The Door

The primary purpose of the front door is to provide security to the house. Although most homeowners will go for the looks to make their homes noticeable because of the aesthetics, safety and security are also important. The door material, its hardware and glassware will determine how secure the door is. 

Go for door materials with high impact resistance. These are the likes of wood, fiberglass and vinyl. You should also choose sturdy locking systems that are easy to operate but not easy to break. You can also get a door with a triple locking system for added security. When selecting the locking system, ensure they match your door type and are of the right color. 

2. Energy Efficiency

Most homeowners are moving from traditional doors to modern energy-efficient ones. These are important to lower the cost of energy and to ensure your house maintains the proper temperatures. 

Energy efficiency indoors is determined by the door materials and type of glass panes, if there are any. For example, door materials like wood, vinyl and fiberglass are very energy efficient. These materials don’t conduct heat, so they don’t allow heat or cold in and out of the house. If the door has glass panes, choose a strong enough glass like double and triple to prevent burglars from breaking in. 

3. Beauty

Besides security, another essential feature to consider in a front door is aesthetics. You want the door to make an impression, so you should choose a door style that matches your home’s architectural design. This way, you increase the curb appeal and your home’s value. Also, choose a color that matches the interior or the exterior of the house for aesthetics. 

4. Frame 

If your frame is old and warped, you need a replacement frame. It will be expensive to carry out the whole project, but the benefits are worth it.

Some common frame materials are;

1. Wood

Wood frames are the most common, and homeowners prefer them because of their magnificent natural look. These frames are solid and durable, and they are energy efficient. Wood is expensive, and besides its beauty and durability, wood frames are susceptible to moisture and insects. 

When open to water, wood absorbs it and starts to swell. The bulge later causes rotting, and this can weaken the door. Living with a rotting frame is also dangerous because the rot can spread to the walls and furniture, causing permanent damage. If you want to avoid the disadvantages of wood, then you should opt for fiberglass entry doors Canada, which is our next point below.

2. Fiberglass doors

Fiberglass entry doors Canada is another popular material and people prefer it for its energy efficiency. These frames are an alternative to wood because you can stain them with a wood finish. Meaning, you will be enjoying the look of wood with fewer wood disadvantages. 

Fiberglass is strong and durable, and unlike wood, it is not prone to water and insects.  The doors are also available in different designs, and they can withstand harsh climatic conditions. 

3. Vinyl 

Vinyl doors and frames resemble the fiberglass doors in characteristics, but these are less energy efficient. Vinyl can be manipulated into different styles, so the doors are available in many shapes and sizes. These doors are also affordable to buy and maintain, and vinyl doors are durable. The downside of this door and frame material is its inability to be repainted. Although this characteristic about the door is an advantage, it is still a disadvantage to the homeowners who want to try different color options.