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Everything to know about Fantasy Football

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Everything to know about Fantasy Football

In this advanced world, people are more conscious regarding their health and are more engaged in sports especially ESPORTS. But with modernity in lifestyles, modernity in playing games is also seen.

Football is considered the most popular game in the world. But with modernity in the world, many changes are seen in football again. First, World Football Organizations organized the world cup only.

Then different countries started organizing National football leagues to flourish their national game, e.g., Spain began to managing La Liga, England to their Premier league, Bundesliga in Germany, etc.

Nowadays, these national leagues are even more popular than the FIFA World Cup. Now football is being played in video games also. Now our teens are playing several football video games on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

What is Fantasy Football:

Fantasy Football is an imaginary game in which a person selects his fictional team. He/she decides the best players of football to make a fantasy team.

In which way that person becomes the manager of his fantasy team. Similarly, many other people also make their fantasy football team according to their will.

 In the next step weekly, all the players in these teams are evaluated, and points are given to each player. These points are added, and the team with the most significant points get the highest rating and win.

Different applications and websites are offering these imaginary Fantasy leagues. The teams may consist of players from the British Premier League, La Liga, or any other national league. The Fantasy league was underrated in its starting days, but now it is becoming trendy in teens and adults.

Types of Fantasy Leagues:

There are many types of Fantasy Leagues, depending on the time during which different players are evaluated. But there is three most popular and prominent type. Now we will discuss them in detail  in the following:

Traditional Fantasy league:

In this type of Fantasy League, the competition between different teams continues throughout the league. For example, suppose a fantasy league is based on the Premier League. In that case, the game will continue to occur throughout the Premier League, and the players will be given points weekly till the end of the league.

Dynasty League:

In Dynasty Leagues, the competition continues to take place throughout the year. People buy their players, and the teams compete throughout the year. Different players are exchanged throughout the year.

Daily Leagues:

It is a modification of Dynasty league with the exception that the players are evaluated daily. This system believes that players should be judged daily, and points should be allotted daily rather than weekly.

How to play Fantasy Football?

Now we will explain to you how to play and make the team in a fantasy football league. You just have to follow the given steps:

  • First, you have to find a Fantasy league. As explained earlier, there are many types of Fantasy Leagues, and you have to select one depending upon the time duration and the actual club they are following. Some Fantasy leagues are linked with the Premier League, some with Bundesliga, and some with champions League. So you have to select one according to your taste and will.
  • Then, you have to make your team. Each team is given some coins, and you have to make your team according to your cash. Each player has a value according to his performance. A player well known for his performance has a higher value than a C Category player. Thus an average team is formed. All this happens in the draft.
  • Now the actual teams compete with each other, and the performance of each player is recorded. Then according to the account, points are awarded to each player of your fantasy league. Thus different teams in your fantasy league compete with each other.
  • You can change players during the season if you think that player is not playing well. Even if your player gets injured, you can replace it with a new one. Thus you have to make your team well efficient.
  • If your team plays well and wins the playoffs, you will get the maximum rating and points and thus coins. Some people play just for fun, while some people even make money through the fantasy league.


Once football was played only in the fields. With modernity, people have made its imaginary version, i.e., Fantasy Football. You can play it for fun, and you can even make money through this imaginary football. You have to select the best performing players, and they will automatically lead you to success.