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10 Essential Facts To Know About The Rummy Game

10 Essentials Facts To Know About The Rummy Game

Rummy game have been an intrinsic part of our culture for centuries and even today, many Indian families are following the tradition of playing rummy games on special occasions with friends and relatives. However, there are still some lesser-known facts about rummy which you may have never heard of. 

10 Essential Facts To Know About The Rummy Game

More than facts, today people have created many stereotypes about rummy games and denied the potential of rummy. All games are fun and entertaining but rummy games offer an exhilarating experience that unmatched by any. So if you are a rummy game enthusiast, then you must know these 10 essential facts about rummy game:


Rummy regarded as the mother of all card games. It was the earliest card game that came into India and became immensely popular during the 19th century. Popular card games such as Bridge and Pinochle derived from it.


There are various theories about the origin of rummy but none of them have been confirmed yet. The history of rummy still remains unknown and guarded by various old age philosophies. Some say, that the game found around the 19th Century in Spain from a similar version of a card game played there, popularly known as Conquian. 


You may find it hard to believe that there 20 rummy variants played across the world. Rummy is a dynamic game and every rummy variant offers a unique level of thrill. 13 Cards Rummy is the most popular version of online rummy. Some of the other popular rummy variants are Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, Canasta, Pool Rummy & Deals Rummy. Enjoy all exciting variations of Points Rummy, Pool Rummy & Deals Rummy on Adda52Rummy.


Rummy is a game of skills and hence it is legal, as declared by the Supreme Court of India. Playing rummy with real money is not betting as the outcome of the game depends upon the players’ skills and strategies which further makes online rummy more interesting and challenging.

Superior Cognitive Skills:

It said that people who play online rummy games regularly have better mind and body coordination. You can enhance your cognitive skills like thinking abilities, focus, memory and problem-solving with rummy games.

Highest Score Record:

There is the highest record of victory by the margin of 500 points. This record stays unbeaten till date and no one has been able to break that.

A Deck of Cards:

Did you know, that a deck of playing cards that is now easily available in the market for everyone was earlier entitled only to the royalty. Not everyone could afford a deck of playing cards as they were exclusively hand-painted and very expensive. Therefore, rummy was considered as a game of royalty.

Stronger People Skills:

Rummy games not only help in gaining superior cognitive skills, they also make a person smarter when it comes to handling people and comprehending their body language. Strong people skills prove to be very beneficial in real-life.

Popularity Meter-

Rummy is the third most popular card game in the world and the most popular card game played online. The popularity of online rummy games is soaring high ever since the transition from offline rummy to online rummy. Numerous online rummy sites such as Adda52Rummy offer exciting rummy cash games and host millions of rummy players daily. 

A source of Income-

You may find it hard to believe but many people are indeed considering rummy as a great source of extra income. You get to play with your skills and you can win daily cash rewards on the go. There are many testimonies on Adda52Rummy in which players have shared their experiences with rummy games and how they climbed up the success ladder.

Online rummy games are as rewarding as they are interesting to play. If you are a true rummy fanatic, then you must know the above-listed facts about rummy. Rummy games give a strong competition to other online games as the rummy rules are easy to learn and you can win real cash rewards. So, download the Adda52Rummy App and start playing!