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Effects of Cartoons on Children’s Development

Parents often leave their children to pick and choose the cartoons they watch. Some even use cartoons to help keep the kids occupied while they run errands and handle household chores. Most of us grew up watching cartoons. Therefore it has become passable to leave the TV on babysitting duty. However, often they do not stop to think about the impact the cartons have on their children. Extensive research has been done on the impact of cartoon characters on children’s development. The consensus is that there are both positive and negative impacts.

Positive Impacts

Effects of Cartoons of Children Development

Builds speech and character

Children soak up all experiences and surroundings as they grow up. This is how they build character. Cartoons have been found to be very useful in developing speech. There are different ways for a child to develop speech capabilities. One useful way is for the child to interact with a speech in different situations.

Education and attitude

Cartoons promote a positive educational effect and attitude. Many cartons have an alphabet and number of episodes. Due to the bright colors and cheery settings, the kids absorb the information better and enjoy it more. Some kids hate learning because it is not fun. Cartoons bring together to play and learn. This makes it more exciting for the child to learn.

Enhances mental strength

In addition to these, cartoons can be useful in helping a child develop mental strength and creativity. It leads the child to understand new ways of doing things. It also inspires them to explore new ways of doing those things.

For example, by watching cartoon characters use cutlery in the right way a child will be interested in using more than their hands to feed themselves. There is also an aspect of physical development to consider. See, some of the cartoons showcase adventures. These inspire the children to get out and engage in physical activities. Thus, improving their physical health. However, there is a downside to this.

Negative Impacts

Effects of Cartoons of Children Development

Physical development issues

As with most things, there is a disadvantage to cartons too. Studies have revealed that children who watch cartoons for more than two hours a day are physically inactive. This can lead to some physical developmental issues like obesity. These cartoons are used as advertising avenues. Junk food manufacturers take the opportunity to advertise their products. This can promote unhealthy eating habits in children.

May promote violence

There are genres of cartoons that involve a lot of violence. Children are unable to separate acting from reality. Therefore, they end up adopting the violence portrayed in these cartoons. This can lead to some aggression in their behavior as they grow up. If not addressed, the aggression can remain rooted in their character.

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The decision on whether cartoons are bad or good is dependent on the type of cartoon. Some are good while some are not. Therefore, the responsibility lies on the parent’s shoulders to police what their child is watching. One must control both the content on their screens and the amount of time spent glued to those screens. This is the only way a parent can reap only the positive impacts for their kids.