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Difference between Work from Home and Office

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Difference between Work from Home and Office

What seemed to be only, benefit, sometimes curse of freelancers. That of work at home, lately is becoming more common, and there are more and more companies in all sectors. That allow their employees to do home office; the famous work at home.

Between household things, household utensils, children, dogs, neighbors, dishes, throwing away the garbage and all the mundane and trivial distractions typical of the home. Now there are more and more professionals, salaried or independent. That stay in pajamas all day to do your work duties.

It sounds wonderful, you know, avoiding traffic, not spending money on public transport or, failing that, gasoline or parking lots, eating at home rich and healthy. In addition, the fact of not having to deal with other people’s bad moods. Especially those who You don’t like the office, it makes it very tempting to stay at home working. And companies have seen that this type of employment mode saves them a lot of costs.

In theory it increases productivity in addition to offering certain benefits to their employees, but, What is better? Perhaps the future of business is to do it at home with meetings via video calls? Or you will like to go office daily from Monday to Friday. There are many people who don’t have working table, chair, and other things at home, then they should try the renting furniture from Conjue. This is the best company to rent furniture in new york.

Let’s analyze the differences of working at home and in an office

Difference between Work from Home and Office

Work at home

Being at home can be feasible, when you do not use specific or expensive machinery. That is part of your job, and if you design, calculate, write or whatever it is that only requires a computer or things. That are easily accessible, it allows a person to work at home, and although lately the benefits are exalted, such as:

  1. The employee spends time with his family
  2. It is productive because it organizes its work by results
  3. He is happy, and because he is happy he does things in a good way
  4. Do not despair in traffic

Anyway, these are some things that make everyone cry out to their boss, well, not loudly, the Work from office can be very respectful. But if you can consider working at home. However, and I say that all my life or already feels like a lifetime, I have done home office, I can say that it has its difficulties, such as:

  1. It’s hard to separate home and work times
  2. The family, if they see you in your home, does not consider or respect your time or work. And can easily ask you to participate in the household chores
  3. It can be very easy to get distracted

You don’t interact with people, you end up being like a survivor in disaster movies saying “day 3”. At home they want me to throw out the garbage, losing focus on the document I have to deliver”

Certainly, working at home has its benefits, but there are also many cons.

Now, not everything is roses in the world of work and having to be in an office also has its flats.

Work in an office

They are all laughter at the office, until you have to go out to eat at the very expensive restaurant on the corner or you have to bring everyone’s lates to the office, although it also has its good side:

  1. You can interact with a work team that allows you to do your tasks more easily
  2. If you want to grow in your job, you can only do it in face-to-face format to climb positions
  3. It is a place designed so that you focus solely on your activities
  4. In theory the working times are well defined

But come on, in addition to beautiful things, this is difficult and it is:

  1. The hours you spend in traffic to get to your job
  2. Relating in a functional way with people you don’t like
  3. Spending hour after hour in a mini cubicle can be very emotionally draining.
  4. If there is no suitable environment, it can be very difficult to be in an office

I think the moral is that regardless of whether it is home or office. Developing the tasks of a job can be complex, and the only thing. That saves you from dying in the monotony is enjoying what you do.