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Detoxifying Supplements and How to Choose The Best Ones

Detoxification has been used for centuries as a tool to purify and cleanse the body. It has its roots in the Roman, Indian, Native American and Greek cultures as a weight loss tool or spiritual approach for purification.

To choose the best form of detoxification, its best to understand the process so you have an idea what works best for you. A gentle cleanse can do wonders for the body, a couple of times a year, to rid the body of toxins that are found in our water, air, and even cosmetic products.

How to choose the best detoxifying supplement?

When it comes to detox supplements, its best to consider your body needs. Additionally, it helps to rely only on dependable scientific data to make sure that the supplement is doing what it claims to do. Unfortunately, there is not much regulation in the supplement industry which is why we need to be extra careful when choosing the right supplement. Consulting a medical professional such as a top dietitian in New York is a good idea here so you can figure out what works best for you.

Also, make a note of how you feel throughout the detox including your energy levels, your mood, sleep and overall disposition. It will help to determine if the elimination is aided by the supplement or not.

Some general symptoms of detox, especially in the first few days can include: headache, nausea, and fatigue. During the detox process, its best to avoid high intensity workouts and strength training. However, light exercise and stretching is fine. During the detox, special focus should be paid to hydrating oneself, as water helps in the elimination of toxins through the kidneys.

What are the best detox supplements?


This super antioxidant helps to fight the free radicals and regulates the processes of cell growth and apoptosis. Additionally, it assists in the regeneration of other antioxidants like vitamin C and E, and also acts as a co-factor for some other antioxidative reactions. The intermediate by-products produced during the detoxification reactions activate glutathione and is a natural defense mechanism of the body against toxins.

In this detox journey, a glutathione supplement supports the body, and assists the cells. There are many glutathione supplements available in a variety of formulations that are proven by research to assist the detox process. 


Probiotics are bacteria that are already present in the body, and they help to stop the growth of parasitic microorganisms. Our digestive tract is full of billions of gut biota that help to maintain our gut health, and keep the digestive tract running smoothly. Use of antibiotics, illness, or eating a lot of processed food can interrupt this ecosystem of the probiotics.

Therefore, probiotic supplements not only help in boosting digestive health, but also detoxify the gut of harmful toxins in food and water. Data suggests that probiotics improve the function of liver enzymes as well, especially in people with alcohol induced liver injury. For different people, different strains can prove beneficial. Consider seeking the advice of your healthcare provider before investing in a probiotic supplement.


Another detox supplement for optimal gut health is L-glutamine. This is an amino acid that helps in suppressing the inflammatory pathways. This means its great for protection against gut stressors, and leaky gut syndrome. 

Research shows that clinical outcome for people with inflammatory diseases including IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), trauma and sepsis improves with the use of L-glutamine. In fact, the stores of glutamine are depleted during pathological conditions. And the use of detox supplements can help the body recover. However, more human trials are needed despite the successful results from in-vitro and animal studies.

Cruciferous vegetables

Not all supplements need to be bottled up and sold on a counter. Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, brussels sprout, and cabbage, are a rich source of detox supplements. These high-quality multi-vitamins are rich in sulfur containing compounds, which helps the liver enzymes perform optimally.

In fact, research data suggests that the sulfur rich cruciferous vegetables also have chemo-preventive effect as they suppress the hormones that encourage tumor growth. Furthermore, these vegetables also promote the healthy liver enzymes, thus encouraging the body’s own detox organs.


Magnesium rich products have a detox effect through its laxative properties. The toxins that are produced regularly in the digestive tract are purged through the supplemental magnesium. One of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium is chelated one, which promoted detox through its absorption.

Not only is magnesium found in many natural ingredients, but also in detox supplements.

Milk thistle

This super ingredient helps the liver improve its detoxifying function, and is one of the best detoxifying agents in the market. It works by improving liver function, protecting against diseases of the liver and gall bladder, and through its antioxidative properties.

According to research, this anti-oxidant blocks the toxins in the body at membrane level, and enhances their clearance from the body. Furthermore, it improves the synthesis of protein function of the liver, and improves the immunity. Through its antioxidation, it slows down the inflammatory processes and fights the pro-inflammation factors. The anti-fibrotic properties further help to protect the body. This herb is therefore, essential for people who are looking to improve their liver and gall bladder health.

If you are still unclear about which of these is best for you or how to go about this safely consider contacting a top nutritionist for further information.