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Design Your Quiz, Boost Up Your Salesmanship

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It has no longer been a surprise that online quizzes and creative questionnaires have become one of the most popular sources of natural and effortless marketing. These kinds of curious quizzes kindle the curiosity of its viewers about the sales products, while deeply involving them in the exciting facts about the products.

It was once shown and proved by a Demand Metric Study, that the market-user interactive content always doubles the conversions when compared to just static content. Despite knowing the critical core of the situation, many people in business fail to put in the correct effort in designing appropriate quizzes to draw the attention of a potential user. Along with developing an examination, it is equally important to know the key aspects to captivate a quiz. Let’s have a look at these five aspects mentioned below in this article to solve this purpose.

Make your quiz relevant

The first aspect we need to look around is to make your quiz data relevant to your business ideas. No matter, how actively engaging or fun your quizzes may be, they aren’t worth bringing you any results, if they are irrelevant to your sales. Any business quiz should strongly focus on the following two crucial aspects to increase its relevancy:

  • Nature of sales/business
  • The customers’ profile

Know the purpose of your brand to choose your quiz accordingly and try making it attractive both educationally and intellectually, by adding fun elements to it.

You should thoroughly keep an analytical check of the structure of your customers and audience while deciding the nature of your quiz. The connection between your product and services should always be kept in mind while designing your quiz. This helps you out to a greater extent to know the type of interactive content they prefer, and hence you’ll be able to provide them with the right solution then.

Design it engaging

As we saw further, the topic of your quiz keeps your customer’s interests alive to provide them with the right solution. However, there is this second crucial aspect to keep your business quizzes alive, called Engaging Quiz. It becomes equally important to keep the content of your quiz engaging so that it hooks up their interests to the solutions provided by you.

Your quizzes should be potentially strong enough to keep the interest of the customer last up till it ends smoothly. It is hard to keep the attention span of an average internet user by keeping them engaged in the quiz. It takes a smart and good quiz maker to design a quiz solving this purpose.

Look at the following three essential aspects to create an engaging quiz:

  • A title should be penetrative
  • Smartly written playful and casual content
  • Attractive visuals

All the above aspects should be curiosity-enhancing and powerfully attention-drawing relevant to your idea of a quiz.

Target the expected reactions and keep them defined

While you start questioning your audience, you should be clear on your mind about the reactions you expect from your attendance at the end of your quiz. Leading them without clear, targeted feedback can turn off their interest halfway.  Stimulating your customer once the quiz ends is one way.

The best ways to provoke the reactions you expect from your customers are as follow:

  • You can send a newspaper subscription letter by invitation, once the quiz is complete.
  • Add up your sales link to your e-store, or you can instantly provide them with an offer of a specific product that matches their quiz results.
  • Generate an automatic personalized report based on the respondent’s replies and immediately share it with them to keep them interested.
  • Show them that you are glad to hear their response.

Make the content enjoyable

Apart from bonding your customers with your brands, create a connection between your quiz and customers too. Your customers will want to share their quiz results after the quiz ends. This takes your quiz builder to generate the results that customers want to share.

The fact we know, if the results provided to your respondents make them feel uncomfortable, your customers will deny to post them on their social media interactive accounts. When you keep the results funny, and pleasant and when they will find out a positive vibe in their results, they will inevitably move in the direction of sharing their data on their social media, creating a chain of other interested users and respondents.

This will help in furthermore influencing respondents to participate in your quizzes. This will further increase the number of leads and interest in your brand.

Hence, this is possible from the following two aspects:

  • Make your customers happy with their results
  • Keep the header images, title and description to be captivating in solving this purpose

Provide them with multiple sharing channels

As provided by BuzzSumo, 82% of the people come to know about the quizzes from their news feed. So it becomes essential to go to the conclusion that you should provide the customers with advanced sharing options which are as crucial as the quiz.

Your respondents are more likely to stop giving you a lead halfway if they cannot easily share your content. The best ways to promote your quiz and get an increased amount of enthusiastic responses are as follows:

  • Promote your quiz through your business blogs and popular websites.
  • Give articles on your newsletters, as it is the best platform where you get your loyal customers.
  • Provide sponsored posts on social media or create a well-established social media page to attract customers.

This will not only increase the rate of your promotion but is also an economically cheap way of promoting your business ideas in an easy run. You should be clear in your mind about the audience you are targeting.

Things to keep in mind while designing an appropriate quiz

Not all types of quizzes can boost your chances of business and increase profits. You should be sure that your quiz is beneficial; you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Create your business-related quiz and value your target audience
  • Keep a balance between text and graphics to make it captivating
  • End it with a purpose and a relevant call to action
  • Keep the result-sharing possibilities on along with the idea of providing positive and influencing results to the respondents
  • Keep the quiz result-sharing option effortless for the respondents on their social media, to generate more leads

Finally, besides keeping all these in mind, do not forget to assign a good quiz maker that can smartly mold the interests of customers, by keeping them hooked to the content till the end of the quiz.