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Collapsed Trachea in Dogs: Conventional Medicines Versus CBD

Collapsed Trachea in Dogs

The trachea is a vital organ in the dog’s respiratory system. It delivers air to the lungs. Many dogs suffer from a medical condition known as collapsed trachea that means the windpipe collapses due to the weakening of cartilaginous rings of the trachea. The rings can flatten to varying degrees causing difficulties in breathing.

If your dog has been diagnosed with trachea collapse, you would interested in knowing alternatives in collapsed trachea relief. You can either opt for conventional medicines or use CBD to treat the symptoms. 

Here is a comparison of both. 

Conventional Medicines

A dog with collapsed trachea shows different symptoms like rapid breathing, difficulty breathing, abnormal breathing sounds, low energy, and signs of stress and anxiety through behavior. 

After inspecting your dog closely, the veterinary doctor may advise several conventional medicines as a part of collapsed trachea relief. These medicines indicated to treat symptoms and not cure the medical condition. Surgery is the only option to cure collapsed trachea.

Cough Suppressants

Veterinarians recommend cough suppressants to treat dry cough caused by trachea collapse. Compounds like butorphanol or hydrocodone play a dual role in treating cough. Besides controlling the symptom (cough), it also reduces irritation that aggravates coughing. 


A dog with collapsed trachea has an inflamed trachea that causes difficulty in breathing. Compounds like prednisone or fluticasone prescribed by veterinarians that reduce inflammation and swelling of the trachea and provide relief to the dog.

These are some of the conventional medicines used to treat symptoms related to trachea collapse. 


Many times veterinarians also recommend the use of CBD to treat the symptoms of trachea collapse. Let’s understand how CBD provides relief in the collapsed trachea. 


CBD used in several medical conditions due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Medical experts mention CBD has several cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, CBN, and THVC with strong anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, CBD is highly effective in reducing inflammation of the trachea and provides relief to the dog. 


Dogs with collapsed trachea show anxiety symptoms that may worsen the medical condition and also affect their health. CBD has compounds that modulate basal anxiety states. Cannabinoids positively interact with endocannabinoid and glucocorticoid systems that help modulate emotional states and exterminate aversive memories in dogs. 

Which is Better?

There is no certain or specific answer to this question, and lots depend on the severity of the medical condition and sensitiveness of the dog. If you follow the path of conventional medicines, you have to administer different medicines to treat different symptoms. If you use CBD as part of treatment, it can help you manage multiple symptoms of a collapsed trachea in one go. 

Many dog owners face difficulties when administering the dose of conventional medicines. If mixed with food, these medicines might alter the taste, and the dog may not eat the food at all. On the other hand, you can rub the CBD oil directly to the gums, which ensures your dog will experience the benefits in the form of a reduction in symptoms. 

To sum up, both conventional medicine and CBD are effective in treating symptoms of collapsed trachea. If you are confused about which treatment to follow, consult your veterinary doctor to guide you right.