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How to Get a Cheap Internet Connection in Houston, TX?

High-speed internet connection is the need of the hour, and it is turning into one of the essential services for almost everyone. We use an internet connection for work, entertainment, and much more. Your internet connection can be really expensive if you don’t choose your internet service provider carefully! You might get stuck with paying $60-$70 every month. If money is your sole concern then you would want to get a cheap internet connection in Huston.

If you are a local resident, you must be wondering how to get Cheap internet connectivity in Huston. Huston is the 4th most populated state in the USA and almost 85% of users are connected to a high-speed internet connection. While they are connected they actually may not be the cheapest internet connection. Read below to find out how to find the best cheap internet providers in Huston.

Cheap Internet Providers in Huston

There are multiple high-speed internet providers in Huston and all of them can offer high speed. While speed is one thing, not all providers can be considered cheap internet options in Huston. We have compiled a list of cheapest internet providers in Huston, the providers listed below are your best bet if you are looking to save some money.


Xfinity is one of the largest internet service providers in the USA. Xfinity covers over 80% of Huston and it offers plans starting from just $34.99/mo for internet-only packages. Xfinity asks for a one year contract to provide you with internet services. The price typically increases after 1year same as every internet provider.

If you are also looking to buy TV services, then Xfinity has a wide range of attractive bundle options that too at very attractive prices. The lowest Bundle package for Xfinity starts at just $55. You will have to deal with Price hike on bundle packages as well after a year. If you don’t want to pay the elevated prices, you can leave Xfinity for another provider.

Earthlink also has a good enough presence in Huston, it covers all the major parts of the city. Earthlink provides high-speed internet service in Huston under cheap prices. Plans start from $50 per month for internet-only packages. You get the choice of choosing between both DSL and Fiber internet connection as your high-speed internet choice. Speeds on DSL plans may range between 20-100 MBPS depending on the location and 1000 MBPS on fiber internet connectivity.

To get Earthlink internet packages, you are required to sign up for a one year contract. The good thing about Earthlink is that you won’t be faced with a price hike after your promotional period ends. Other providers raise their prices after the promo period ends! That’s not the case with Earthlink, if you do not want a provider that doesn’t raise their prices every year then Earthlink is a brilliant option.

AT&T Internet

AT&T offers internet cable services in most of the Huston, if you live in a good neighborhood then you’ll easily find AT&T internet services. Their internet plans start from $40 per month (when you buy a bundled service) and the price goes up a bit after the year ends. If you need the internet as a standalone service then you will have to pay $50 per month. AT&T deals in two type of internet connectivity, DSL and Fiber internet connection. AT&T offers a lot of deals when you sign up with them. So be ready for a lot of benefits with your internet service. 

AT&T requires a one year contract and you will most likely have to deal with price hike after one year. Bundle deals are definitely the better choice if you are going to choose AT&T as your high-speed internet provider in Huston.

GHz Wireless

GHz wireless isn’t a known name throughout the USA but it is very well known in Huston. GHz wireless is a local ISP that offers cheap high-speed internet to the residents of Huston. The packages start at $39.95 per month that offers a speed of 50 MBPS. The installation charge isn’t waived off and you’ll have to pay $199 as in installation charge.

GHz Wireless is a small provider and it uses fixed wireless technology to connect your homes straight to the nearest wireless tower. It can even be used in rural areas so GHz is a preferred provider in areas where Huston lacks internet connectivity. If you’d prefer a smaller provider instead of a big provider like AT&T, you should choose GHz.

Choosing an ISP In Huston

There are certain factors you should keep in mind while searching for a cheap internet provider in Huston. Here are all the measures you should consider before settling on an internet provider.

Provider Availability

There are a lot of providers available in Huston but there still are a lot of areas that lack internet connectivity. Big providers like AT&T and Xfinity cover about 90% of the city. Smaller ISP operates in a certain area or Zip Code. Before you set your mind on a certain provider, you should do a little research if the provider is available In your area or not. To do your research we suggest you use the official websites of your ISP. 

Promotional Pricing

The price you pay in the first year of your contract is usually known as the promotional price. Your base internet price will go up once your promotional period ends. So if you are paying $35 right now, you may be asked to pay $45. 

Available Speed

Speed is a huge factor in choosing the right Internet service provider. The Internet service provider usually boasts about the maximum speed they offer. If you do not require the maximum internet speed then you should look at all the price variants that are available to you!

Final Take: Cheap Internet In Huston

Overall, there is multiple ISP in Huston and all of them offer internet connectivity of different types. The providers we have mentioned are the best way to find the cheapest internet service in Huston. We hope this article was helpful!