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Tips To Get The First 1000 Followers On Instagram

From small to big scale organizations have put their significant amount on Instagram to promote their products as the platform gives the highest level of engagement for brands. Many believe in buying Instagram followers for free, but gaining followers is not a walk-in-the-park kind of stuff.

It is a tough road to fetch the first 1000 followers on your account. This is because people barely are aware of any new or small accounts. The issue is generally contrasted when it is your personal account and most of your followers are your friends or relatives.

What to do then? The solution lies within plenty of tips that are available over the internet to grow the reach of an Instagram account. I have compiled some of them here which will indeed help in growing your business or personal brand. You can get “Pay Monthly Websites

Create your bio

Every business account created on Instagram should reflect a quality bio that influences people to at least have a go through your account.

Emphasize ‘Username’ and ‘Name’ as these are the two things that appear on the Instagram search result. For Business pages, including keyword would be a big assist to briefly describing your business. Apart from this, a brief description of your services will aid your business page.

2. Connect to your friends who will help in the promotion

Probably the simplest of steps, connect people who you already know and in the beginning build your account around them. Doing so will help you promote your business as your friends will share your page with their friends and a chain would be created which will eventually be converted into a web.

3. Create content for the target audience

You need to be clear on the fact that what you need to do with your Instagram account. Once you are clear on that note, the next step is to know for whom you are creating content.

Once these two aspects are clear, now you are well-versed of the niche your audiences are after. Once you have read the minds of your target audience, the final step now would be to create content accordingly and consistently. 

4. No leniency in communication

There’s a fact which states, you only see 30% of the content of the people who follow you. The same reflects for your followers, they also see limited content of people whom they follow. 

How to breach this barrier? The only way out is to start communicating with people so that they will check your account regularly, follow you, and keep engaging. The more engagement on your post, the higher it appears in the feed.

5. Consistency

Regularity is the key. Do not get lenient in posting content, instead define a time-slot for yourself and be pro-active in creating and posting content.

Once you are familiar with your time-slot, you can increase the volume of posting. Following this practice will help in attaining the attention of your followers.

However, if you don’t post something for a while, you stop showing up on people’s feed and till the time you start posting again, you might have lost connection with some followers.

6. Use of Hashtags

Probably the best medium to reach out to people. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags on a single post. Relevant hashtags according to the topics you post always helps a post to get explored by others and is beneficial in ‘quick’ engagement.

7. Videos and Instagram stories

Stories were first introduced by Instagram and the same was followed by Facebook and Twitter(fleets). Video content is something that attracts the user more than pictorial content. 

Videos tend to gain 34% more interactions and with the figure out, you should be focusing on video content more than ever. 

For instance, you can upload a 10 seconds Instagram story briefing about your business page or maybe a step-by-step tutorial explaining your product. Using the Instagram Live feature could be the next step in the process of gaining more and more followers.

8. Engagement via conversations

Conversations here doesn’t only mean to communicate via posts or DM’s, instead, writing open-ended questions in the posts or maybe different polls can do a bit better.

This helps in getting engaged in a better and unintrusive manner. This practice would require unique ideas and could be time-consuming as well, but once you will start receiving responses with people replying to your questions, the interactions with your posts will grow.

Conclusion: There is no proven formula to buy Instagram followers free trial or buying Instagram followers for free. It is always a daunting task to get your first thousand engagements on Instagram and you need to lend in some efforts. The start is deemed to be slow, but at the same time, it is important to lend some efforts to grow. The tips mentioned above might help you in gaining maximum followers. Use a few or all, but it is a step-by-step process that is worth a try.