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Things to Consider Before You Buy a Front Load Washing Machine

Front Load Washing Machine

The best front load washing machines provide exceptional cleaning and excellent water and energy efficiency than the best top-load washing machine.

In recent years the sales of front load washing machines have increased in India, but in the US, the sales of front-load washing machines have declined due to the factors like a high price and mould growth inside the machine. 

The front-load washing machines are gentler on fabrics and quieter than top load washers. Front-loaders use the least amount of water for washing clothes and are highly efficient in extracting more water from the clothes than the top load washers, resulting in short drying time and less energy use. Samsung, LG and Bosch are the leading brands that sell the best washing machine in India.

The following are the key considerations to be looked into while buying a front load washing machine.

Use the correct amount of detergent for washing

Use detergents made for high-efficiency machines and always use the right amount of detergent by referring to the washing machines owner’s manual. Using more detergent doesn’t mean squeaky clean clothes. Rather, you would be creating heavy damage to the machine’s internal components by using a high amount of detergent. 

Regular detergents produce more suds, and in the long run, it will cause a build-up of coating on the drum and pipes that become a breeding area for the growth of mould. This can damage the electronic and mechanical parts of the front load washing machine.

Make sure you buy detergent marked as HE compatible for use in front load washing machines as they produce less suds than regular detergents for washing the clothes.

Long wash cycles

Front-load washing machines take a lot of time for doing a load of laundry. But you can shorten the wash cycle by selecting the normal wash cycle. LG’s TurboWash technology effectively reduces the duration of the wash cycle without sacrificing the quality of cleaning. 

The front-loading washing machines’ spin cycles are faster than the top-loading washing machines. This means that the time lost in washing can be saved in drying the clothes as faster spin cycles ensure more extraction of water.

Capability to wash small loads of laundry

The bigger capacity front load washing machines can easily wash a small laundry load as they use tumble motion for cleaning the laundry. Unlike top load washing machines, the front load washing machines do not rely on clothes rubbing against each other to get them cleaned. 

They lift the clothes while the drum turns and drop them down into the water. Thus making it highly efficient to clean any load of laundry.

Mould and Mildews

The problem of mould growth and mildews are quite common in front load washers. The mould can grow in several parts of the washing machine, including the detergent dispenser or the rubber gasket around the door. 

Always dry the inside of the door and the rubber gasket by pulling it back to clean away the dirt residues. Keep the door open between the laundry loads to dry the interior of the washing machine. 

To prevent the growth of mould, run the tub-clean programme frequently. If the machine does not come with this programme, then run the longest wash programme with the hottest water temperature with white vinegar in the first cycle and baking soda in the second cycle.

Remove the loads quickly after washing

Remove the damp clothes immediately from the machine after washing. The damp clothes can provide a breeding environment for musty odours and mildew. It also ensures to prevent the growth of mould in the rubber gasket of the washing machine.

Not every model can be stacked

Not every front-load models can be stacked with a matching dryer on top. Some models have their detergent dispenser on top of the machine, and it would be blocked if a dryer is placed on top of it. 

Some of the models have different width and height, so it wouldn’t be easy to fit both the dryer and washing machine into the laundry room’s provided space.

Vibration and Noise

The front-load washing machine’s drum spin at a higher speed than a top load washing machine to extract more water from the clothes. The best front-load washing machine usually creates less noise and vibration as it is equipped with an eco silence drive or direct drive motor with anti-vibration technologies.

But if you find that your washing machine is creating too much vibration and noise, make sure that the machine is kept on a levelled floor and that all the feet of the machine are evenly placed on the floor.