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Home » Beware Of Atlanta Sod Fall Mistakes When Caring For Lawn

Beware Of Atlanta Sod Fall Mistakes When Caring For Lawn

Beware Of Atlanta Sod Fall Mistakes When Caring For Lawn

As soon as fall comes trees and other plants start shedding their leaves; this is because during the winter the living things become dormant and in spring new leaves emerge. Also, this is a time for the Atlanta Sod to be taken care of.

Fall Mistakes For Lawn Care

Beware Of Atlanta Sod Fall Mistakes When Caring For Lawn

Fall is a very crucial season in the lives of trees and plants and especially sod grass because many of the sod species become dormant and the growth rate slows down. When spring comes if the grass is not maintained properly; it will create problems.

Neglecting Leaves On Atlanta Sod

When the trees and plants shed their leaves they fall on the ground. This is a dangerous thing because the leaves can block the sunlight reaching the ground which helps in photosynthesis.

Water Is Not Given As Recommended

The water is also an essential part of the maintenance in the autumn. People don’t pay attention to giving water in the autumn because they think that the weather is cooler. But watering is important because, in the dormant month, water is not given.

Not Remembering To Fertilize

The different kinds of Atlanta Sod require a different quantity of fertilizers and at diversified times. But it is best that you fertilize the sod grass in autumn so that the dormant time is passed easily.

Ignoring Insect And Pest Attack Signs

Sometimes the grass shows signs of attack of pests and insects that start to appear on the leaves and base of the grass. Keeping a check on these clues that appear on the sod grass.

Mowing The Wrong Height

Every sod grass that you order from companies like Atlanta Sod Farms has a specific height that is reached when the sod is fully established and it has to be maintained. Even in autumn mowing the grass to the right height has to be maintained.

Blade Of Mower Is Dull

Another mistake that people make is not sharpening the blades of the mower. The blunt blades will damage the leaves and the growth rate is affected. When spring comes regrowth can be affected.

Failing To Test Properties Of Soil

Many of the sod problems develop in the spring after the winter dormant season because you don’t test the soil for nutrients in the soil. The soil has to be tested so that the deficiencies can be elevated.

Collecting Chippings Of Sod Grass

The debris that has fallen from trees has to be picked up because it can block the sun’s rays. But when you mow the lawn leave the chippings of the leaves on the grass. This is a good thing to leave the chippings because it will provide a natural fertilizer to the sod grass.

Removing Dead Stems And Roots

If you are thinking of re-establish the lawn then autumn is a good time but don’t forget to remove the dead roots and stems and then lay down the sod.

Forgetting Aerating The Lawn

Air is also important for the growth of the Atlanta sod grass and especially before the winter comes. Missing out on aeration can be devastating.