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Best Online Slot Games To Play In 2022

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Online Slot Games

Playing the Online Slot:

In every aspect of the gaming world there will always be new releases that get us all psyched up. This is just as true for casino gaming as it is in every other aspect of gaming. 

We see new casino games with new features and reinvented slot themes. Software producers love experimenting, and for the most part, we love what the results are. 

Nothing quite beats the entertainment you get when you play slots online for real money. But it can be a real stickler to try and figure which game is the best for you. With so many slot games out there it can be really hard to find the best ones. 

In 2022, there are more new slot games, and people are back at it, so, which of all the slot games have been played the most this year? And why are they drawing people? Because they are just the best! 

Today, we will look at which slot games are topping the list as the best around! 

What Makes A Slot Game Good?

Online slot games need to not only give you the same sort of experience you would get in a land-based casino, but they need to be fun too. People will always return to something that is fun. 

We prefer games that mentally stimulate us, as well as give us visual stimulation too. If a game looks pretty and makes us think, we will be more inclined to return to it and keep trying than if a game is dull and boring. 

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Some slots might have a niche theme, or be classic in their style, it does depend on what you want as an individual. 

Some of the top slots have a niche theme to them, so, let’s see why these are the hottest slots in 2022.

Best Online Slot Of 2022:

A good way to judge what is the best, is to see how many people are playing it. This is why we have compiled a list of the most played online slot out there. They may not be the best for you, but you won’t know until you try! 

#1. Goblin’s Cave:

Goblin’s Cave slots got the most visits already this year, it is an exciting 3-reel slot that has 3 paylines, and bets up to $1,500! One reason we think people are loving Goblins cave is its cool feature which lets you hold particular symbols, thus increasing your chances on the next spin. 

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As it currently stands, no casinos offer bonuses on Goblins Cave currently, however, with time we do not doubt that one will. 

It is a quirky set-up with cute characters and clear animation. It has definitely won people’s hearts. It feels light-hearted when you look at your screen as you play, so it undoubtedly has a relaxing factor about it.

#2. Starburst:

Starburst is a close runner-up to Goblins Cave, and we can see why. The animation on this is a bit like if a slot machine had a baby with the old classic Bejeweled game. 

It is certainly a world-favorite. It also has similarities to Candy Crush as well, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular mobile games in the world. 

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You can get a bonus with starburst as well, if you are a member of Party casino. So, this particular slot game has a one-up on Goblins Cave. 

We can certainly tell why it is so popular. 

#3. Sunrise Reels:

Sunrise Reels is in third place. It is said that the early bird catches the worm, well the early bird catches the wins with this casino slot. 

Sunrise Reels is a 3-reel slot game with 5 paylines. It is certainly aesthetically pleasing too, as it has a beautiful backdrop of a glamorous sunrise setting as you play. Enough to make you just want to stare at your scream for hours on end appreciating it. 

It also has a jackpot slot which can pay out a good 12,000 credits, which, if we are honest, is probably the source of half of its popularity! 

You can get a bonus on this slot as well at LeoVegas. 

#4. Private Eye:

Private Eye is a slot game with something rather than film Noir about it. It is a microgame with a private investigator vibe that makes you feel like a rookie Sherlock Holmes as you play the Online slot. 

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This is a 5-reel slot game that has an astounding 243 ways you can win! So, there are endless winning opportunities for you to take advantage of. 

The graphics and sound effects are also very pleasing too. In fact, we are rather surprised that this game is at number 4, and not heading the list.

#5. Mega Moolah:

Finally, we have Mega Moolah, rightly named with its outstanding jackpots. It has a minimum jackpot in the millions of Mega! It is a progressive jackpot game that you do not forget. 

It has a mini jackpot, minor, major and a mega one too! So, you will have endless opportunities to win big with this slot game.