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Best gift ideas for father

Oh, man. Dads are great, right? They tell all sorts of terrible jokes and they just want the best for you. And after all they have done (and continue) to do for you, from childhood to adulthood, they deserve the best of the best, 24/7. So, when Father’s Day rolls around (it’s June 21, folks), you’ll want to make sure they feel extra loved with super-thoughtful gifts. We know, dads can be hard to shop for—why do they never seem to want anything???

It’s so easy to put a ton of pressure on yourself to pick out that perfect gift, but it shouldn’t be too hard for you because you’ve landed here! Whether you’re near or far you can make their day super special by gifting them something practical…or totally goofy. 

If he’s the type of man who is upset that “nobody wears watches anymore,” buy him one that does it all—it’s a heart-rate monitor, activity counter, and sleep tracker! Dads do it all, so why not buy him a multi-functional gift? This pen features a screwdriver, a stylus for smart devices, a leveler, and a ruler! If he’s the kind of guy who loves to spice things up, he may get a real kick out of this make-your-own-hot-sauce kit.

A protective leather case connected to a keychain means the Air Pods’ charging station will never be too far away. If he’s an avid golfer, a set of Titleist golf balls personalized with his name or initials will put a major smile on his face. Does he have that one place on the couch that’s distinctively his? Make it a little homier with this portable table that’ll attach to any couch or chair arm. If his phone is always running out of battery, give him a little extra juice with this slender portable charger.

For a dad on the go, a piece or 2 of the best mens leather bags that can keep all his necessities separate and organized would be a great gift. A dad who constantly talks about the good old days of music would love to receive one of these. He’ll think it’s great that these sneaks are not only sustainably made but also designed with serious comfort in mind. If he wants to be cool, he obviously needs to ditch the cords—get him up to date with some original Air Pods. He’ll enjoy the great outdoors even more with UVA- and UVB-protected sunnies that have scratch-resistant lenses.

If your dad is all about creating the perfect playlist for every occasion, a portable Bluetooth speaker is just the thing for him. It’s even water resistant so he can bring it to the beach, pool, boat, or really anywhere outdoors. Along with the gift, send flowers for your dad. He will love that you have sent flowers online with the gift that you have selected for him for his happiness.