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12 BBQ Cleaner Hacks in 2022

Here we have 12 BBQ cleaner hacks for you.

We have mentioned the simplest hacks for you. Try out them and keep your grill top notch and up to date enough:

1.    Steam Cleaning Your Grill

The very first hack is that you should be steam cleaning your grill.

It is recommended to cover your grill with the help of water soaked newspaper and then you can close the lid.

Leave it like this for a duration of 30 minutes. And if you are interested in knowing about the details on BBQ grill cleaning Broward & Palm Beach Counties, then keep on in touch with us.

2.    Using Dishwasher to Clean Your Grill

Next, you should use the dishwasher to clean your grill.

If you think that your hotplates can fit and adjust well right into your dishwasher, then clean them over there.

3.    Rubbing Onion Over Hot Bars Of Your Grill Station

It is suggested to rub onion right over the hot bars of your BBQ grill station.

It is because of the presence of water content in onions that you will be able to steam clean your grill.

4.    Using Vinegar Spray

Prepare a mixture of vinegar and water and add this prepared mixture in a spray bottle.

You can spray this content right on to your grill and allow it to sit for 10 minutes duration. This mixture will for sure give a clean and shiny look to your BBQ grill.

5.    Using Coffee Cleaner

How about using a coffee cleaner? It is promised and guaranteed that regular use of coffee cleaner will help you in removing food remains from your grill.

It is the presence of acid in a coffee cleaner that all caked on dirt gets loosen up immediately.

6.    Cleaning Your Grill By Using Baking Soda

If you manage to sprinkle a little baking soda on your grill, then your scrubbing job will become easy.

Make sure to add water in baking soda and then sprinkle this element on your grill.

7.    Beer Application Makes Your Grill Sparkling

Warm up your grill and pour half a bottle of beer on it.

Then you can scrub dirty parts of your grill station by using a newspaper. We guarantee you that beer applications make your old grill look new.

8.    Using Hot Water and Foil

If you think that your grill is not perfectly cleaned, then use hot water and foil.

Hot and soapy water and too foil will do the scrubbing part and ideally cleans your grill.

9.    Cleaning Your Grill Base

To remove all sorts of old ash and also coals from your grill base, you can use a damp kitchen towel and scrub those remains from there.

After that, you can wash that grill base with warm soapy water.

10.    Correctly Disposing Off Oil and Fat From Your Bbq Grill

There is a proper way to scrape oils and fats as well as grease content from your grill.

You can do that by keeping a fat trap container right there in your kitchen. This way, it will be easy for you to collect all waste fats and oils.

11.    Scrubbing Your Grill From Outside

It is important for you to thoroughly clean your grill outside section as well.

You just need host soapy water for this job and a little bit of patience.

12.   Heating Up Your Grill Once You Have Cleaned It

Lastly, you need to heat your BBQ grill for about 15 minutes once you have completely cleaned it.

This way, you can check and balance whether any further residual agents are still present in your grill or not.

Our source, Grill Tanks Plus says it is best to have your grill professionally cleaned at least on a quarterly basis. Grill owners can do the basic cleanups once a month, but beyond that, at the 3-month point, there is usually going to be a lot of grime in the cook box along with blockages that are hindering the flame of your grill.  


You may have now fully understood that it is your essential duty to keep your BBQ grill clean and maintained each day. We have mentioned and penned down top 12 hacks with you. Feel free to share more hacks and tips with us, we are waiting for that! Keep connected with us on this platform.