Are Wanda Ferraton and Bill Goldberg still together?

Yes, Wanda Ferraton and Bill Goldberg are still living together. They have been living with each other since 2005. They also have a young son named Gage A.J. Goldberg.  He was born somewhere in 2006. Goldberg was trained by WCW Power Plant, which used be massive wrestling academy in the United States back in the 1980s and 1990s. Goldberg also had a small career as a National Football League (NFL) player.

From 1990 to 1995, he played for several NFL clubs such as Los Angeles Rams, Sacramento Surge, Sacramento Gold Miners, Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers. In the 1990 NFL draft, he was the 11-round pick (301).

Playing in the NFL was just like a dream come true for Bill Goldberg, who worked very hard to become a professional in one of the best sporting leagues in the United States and around the world. He played just 14 times in the NFL, starting the game just once. Bill Goldberg was not one of the best NFL players but was a well-respected athlete.

From 1996 to 2002, he became the main member of World Championship Wrestling (WCW). At the same time, Wanda Ferraton was working as a stunt actress for classical English movies and series. She has worked for many top movies.

From 1998 to 2004, she received regular work and worked well as an unsung player. Ferraton made a good name in her professional – but it was not one of the best professions to shine in. It shows how hard it was for Wanda to on motivating himself as a professional stunt actress.

Wanda Ferraton and Bill Goldberg married in 2005. It was a very good-looking ceremony. Some of the top wrestling professionals made this day even better for a wonderful couple. From the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Goldberg played a short but memorable role for the biggest brand.

He stayed there for a very short time but created huge memories to follow for his global fan base. Goldberg decided to take spends time only with his family after headlining the WrestleMania XX in 2004.

It was a very memorable night for every WWE fan around the world. In the 2015-16 season, he participated in Legends of Wrestling. In 2016, WWE included him in their video game. This very move boosted the video game sale. Indeed, having Goldberg is all about generating huge sums. A massive credit behind this goes to Wanda Ferraton, who has played a great role to keep on motivating one of the best WWE legends for maintaining his high standards. 

Wanda Ferraton stopped working in her beloved profession after marrying her hero. The Goldberg family is a great combination of three individuals. Not many can have a beautiful family like these legends. It shows a different level of class Wanda Ferraton has. Without her magnificent attitude, it would have been utterly hard for Goldberg to keep on finding new ways to meet his sweet and beloved fans in the US and across the globe. It shows how blessed is Bill Goldberg.

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