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All You Need to Know About NYBillPro Software For Medicaid Transportation Companies

NYBillPro Software


If you are running a transportation company, are you are looking for an efficient and effective Medicaid billing software then the NYBillPro Medicaid billing software is your best bet. You can know all about this Medicaid software here and understand why this software is already a part of hundreds of Medicaid transportation companies.

It is not only its efficient and effective user interface but also the fact that it reduces any chance of human error which makes it the perfect solution for this industry. If you want to know more about this medicate building software that can transform your company then read on.

What is it? Understanding the NYBillPro Medicaid Billing Software

The NYBillPRO is a revolutionary Medicaid billing software that has been created to streamline operations. It is the brainchild of a team of professionals who have been involved in the non-emergency medical transportation industry for over 15 years of combined experience. Therefore you can understand that their practical experience in the field has led them to create this amazing software.

Feeling the need for convenient software that will ease the burden that all medicare transportation companies’ phase daily due to complex claim management systems as well as difficult billing operations of different companies resulted in the NYBillPRO.

Most Medicaid programs require a good transportation system. After all, the handicapped and differently-abled population requires safe transportation facilities to and from healthcare facilities, medical appointments procedures, rehab, urgent care, pharmacies, etc. Therefore these transportation companies responsible for such an important task require as much assistance as possible and this is where the NYBillPRO comes in.

Features of the NYBillPRO software

Some of the features of this will Pro software with makes it important for companies to implement the software are as follows:

  • It is a web-based portal which means that you do not have to install any software or download anything to access this application. You just go to the website of the NYBillPRO company and create your account. This not only saves you a lot of time but also space on your device.
  • The software helps in managing medical assurance society claims corrections without any hassle.
  • This software has been created to quickly manage any issue that can arise in the field of Medicaid billing.
  • It helps by making importing claims an automatic function which helps in accurately streamlining this task.
  • It is used to automatically resolve any problems arising from an incorrect reading of medical provider IDs.
  • The software is equipped to automatically track payments accurately and efficiently.
  • It comes with custom reports creating features.
  • Any device through which the internet can be accessed can be utilized to access this software.
  • It comes with auto batch updates.

Benefits of Getting the NYBillPRO software

With so many features of this revolutionary Medicaid billing software, you can very well understand that it comes with a significant number of advantages. After all, more than 500 companies have already started using it. Give you some of the advantages that these 500 + companies are enjoying which you can do as soon as you start using the NYBillpro software.

  • This software helps in streamlining medical billing in any state while being compliant with state laws as well as federal laws without any hassle. Every state has its medicare program with very specific standards that must be followed. For people living in New York and companies operating here, they must follow the specific Medicaid standards and policies that are present here.
  • The software is extremely user-friendly and can be used by anybody.
  • The software is reasonably priced and can be implemented even in Medicaid transportation as it will save money in the long run.
  • No amount of space in your smart device will be wasted as this is web software that can be accessed through any internet-enabled device.
  • The software is HIPAA compliant which makes it the perfect addition to any transportation company involved in the Medicare industry. After all, no company can violate any HIPAA which can result in a lawsuit and can cause trauma to patients.

How is it helpful for transportation companies?

The benefits of getting this software will be felt by Medicaid transportation companies. It will help the company save a lot of time as well as money as it will make the transportation companies work more streamlined which will increase productivity. It will also save the company time as it will reduce redundant time wasted due to long phone conversations, unnecessary paperwork, and other procedures that are required to submit claims by patients.

This also means that it will be beneficial for not only the transportation company but also the patients who require medical aid. Another amazing thing that it will bring to transportation companies is that it will eliminate any chances of errors that can be caused by human beings dealing with such complicated and vast amounts of data manually.


The NYBillPro Medicaid billing software is a perfect solution for transportation companies involved in implementing Medicaid programs. After all, any medicare program relies on a good transportation system that will help the patients safely access Healthcare facilities.

It does not matter whether a transport company is in a good stage or looking for a better billing system, every company will experience speed and efficiency like they have never experienced before with the NYBillPro software. Managing their company’s operations has never become easier and with this beneficial software, you can save your transportation business time and money by simple easy-to-use software.