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All eyes on the LIC IPO for an excellent income with great returns

All eyes on the LIC IPO

LIC has been there from a long time and is considered as one of the most trustworthy agency where people invest money easily. Now the organization has launched its public opening and is all set to go live for the offering of shares. 

There were a number of IPOs launched in the previous months but the LIC IPO has been the most awaited one. The investors have been watching the release and LIP was also actively advertising about the same on different platforms. The LIC IPO is finally live and will stay open for the general public till 9th May 2022. Let’s have a look at some of the important things that you need to know before you invest in the same. 

How might LIC shares be circulated?

There will be a simple lucky draw system with the help of which the shares allotment will be done. The ones who get lucky will be allotted the shares and the ones who do not get the shares will get the money back.  

All eyes on the LIC IPO

On account of policyholders and laborers, nonetheless, all candidates will be allocated at any rate a few offers proportionately, meaning no shares would be utilized to appropriate offers. Assuming you are a LIC guaranteed or representative, you ought to apply to however many parcels as doable. 

  • There is good news for the policyholders as they will get upto 60% discount on the amount of each share. 
  • The allotment set has been set to 15 shares for which a payment of Rs 14235 has to be made. 
  • The government of India has planned to raise more that Rs 21008.48 crores. 
  • LIC IPO is being considered as the biggest IPO that will turn the tables once the allocation is done. 
  • The LIC IPO cost range is 902-949 for each value share.

Initial public offering part size and breaking point

Every IPO part will contain 15 LIC shares. An individual can apply for as not many as one set package or upwards of 14 parts or 210 offers. Subsequently, Rs14,235 is the base sum expected to apply for the IPO. 

LIC’s initial public offering (IPO) is off to a fast start.

As of 11 a.m., the LIC issue had been subscribed 0.12 times, with the retail section having been subscribed 0.18 times. Institutional investors have shown a great interest in the anchor book market. Anchor investors included Norway’s sovereign wealth fund and the Singaporean government in India’s largest ever public sale, which raised Rs5630 crore ahead of its complete initial public offering.

The 123 anchor investors who participated in the IPO of Life Insurance Corporation of India agreed to buy shares at a price of 949 rupees each.


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