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How Health Insurance Policy in Dubai is Helpful for Policyholders?

The life and health of a person are unpredictable. Medical requirements and emergencies arise almost every time. Especially, if you are in Dubai i.e. a city with a high cost of living, managing expenses is always difficult. In this situation, mandatory health insurance in Dubai has become beneficial for both ex-pats and residents of the city.

Health Insurance Lets You Stay Relaxed

A health insurance policy makes sure that you stay relaxed and alleviate your tensions related to any monetary burden. You always make sure of enough financial backup and stay confident enough by availing of the appropriate treatment without worrying about expenses.

There are large numbers of schemes related to health insurance in Dubai, which provide tons of benefits according to your selected policies. While a few health providers make sure of paying 100percent medical fees, others agree to provide only a percentage of your expenses.

Each of the companies in Dubai should essentially provide health insurance coverage for their employees. A few of them even cover the dependents. Along with this, the law mandates each Dubai resident to get basic or minimum health coverage.

Basic Health Insurance Plan

The basic health insurance plan in Dubai and in other UAE cities makes sure of providing adequate medical coverage. Essential Benefits Package is the basic scheme under health insurance in Dubai, whose annual cost ranges from AED 565 to AED 650.

The policy also gives the highest annual coverage equal to AED 150,000 in Dubai and in other cities belonging to the Emirates. However, regardless of the scheme, pre-existing medical conditions in a basic plan have a 6months waiting period before they include in the insurance coverage.

Basic health insurance caps medicinal drugs and co-payment at AED 1,500. A few health insurance providers also deliver services according to specific criteria. These are medicinal and drug-related coverage, maximum annual coverage, geographical coverage scope, co-payment rates, relevant private/public clinics and hospitals, dental, or any other specialty care.

Maternity Coverage under Health Insurance

Maternity coverage is a significant benefit related to insurance coverage available in Dubai. With minor differences in the schemes’ details, the basic plan can benefit you a lot by covering both the mother and the baby at the time of pregnancy. 

A few of the plans give after-birth care to new moms. For instance, a woman gets coverage for her 8visits to a primary healthcare doctor during her pregnancy’s trimesters. Moreover, maternity coverage included in health insurance in Dubai provides 3free ultrasounds, maximum of 7,000AED coverage in the case of normal delivery, and 10,000AED in the case of medically required surgery i.e. C-section.

A strong Network of Hospitals and Clinics is Included in the Plan

Furthermore, maternity coverage lets a pregnant woman avail of insurance benefits from any clinic from a strong network of clinics and hospitals in Dubai. The best thing is that most of the Dubai-based public and private hospitals work for 24 hours in one day and thereby, allowing patients to access specific medical requirements. Even the emergency departments perform their functions round-the-clock, which is an additional feature for patients dealing with unexpected circumstances.

International Health Insurance Schemes

A policyholder of health insurance in Dubai may avail varieties of health insurance plans instead of purchasing new travel insurance. These schemes help in managing treatment-related costs outside of Dubai. International insurance health schemes are helpful for people traveling frequently, like business people and students. These policyholders get a chance to select from varieties of bespoke plans and thereby, get hassle-free medical aid during the entire trip. 

Therefore, with the aforementioned benefits, we should say that you should avail health insurance policy in Dubai today.