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About Namrata Soni – Bridal Makeup Academy, Mumbai

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namrata soni makeup academy

Namrata Soni is a makeup designer primarily located in Mumbai. With an experience in business for more than a year, Namrata Soni is a top hair stylist who offers the most effective designs and extensions. She works according to the needs and desires of the customer in order to guarantee maximum satisfaction for the customer. She puts all her effort into to ensure that customers receive their desired look.

Her work is well-loved and greatly appreciated by all of her clients. Every bride to look their best on her wedding day. Namrata Soni knows that and wants to provide you the perfect look. Her work is adored and greatly loved by her customers. Every bride to look their best for her big day. Rachel Matai is aware of this and works hard to give you the perfect makeup.

Namrta Soni’s style and style of work

Namrata Soni is well-known for her distinctive hairstyles and makeup techniques. She is focused on giving your skin a flawless appearance and emphasizes your most attractive attributes. Her team is there to manage your treatment of your hair and facials. She also comes provided with airbrush makeup. Namrata Soni makes use of high-end quality makeup products.

namrata soni makeup academy

Namrata Soni is an expert in bridal makeup, and provides the highest quality and efficiency. It is the most preferred option for city-based hires for weddings and other pre-wedding events. She is a skilled makeup artist who is skilled in bridal makeup and hairstyles that complement the style you want to wear. She has worked for many years in the business and her goal is to put happiness to your bride’s smile.

Namrata is able to discern your style and make your appearance more appealing with her makeup. She is extremely cooperative and accommodating to customers. Namrata is an artist with vision. She doesn’t need much time to make the most beautiful of you.

Services Offered

Namrata Sonis’ Makeup & Hair Academy offers various services that can be customized and tailored in accordance with your wishes and requirements. Contact her today to enhance your look and memorable. Contact her now to book her for a gorgeous bridal makeovers to your special day. The services she offers include:

  1. Bridal makeup
  2. Hairstyling
  3. Draping
  4. Nail Polish change
  5. Airbrush makeup

Namrata Soni School of Makeup & Hair

Namrata Soni makeup academy has been providing the latest makeup and hair courses for the over 17 years. Khushboo Mehta as well as Namrata Soni form the 2 main shoulders on which this makeup school’s shoulders.

Namrata Soni School of Makeup offers two kinds of classes. One course is short-term and the other is a long-term. Namrata Soni Academy is based in Mumbai. The school runs classes at JW Meriout Hotel located in Jhu, Mumbai.

Namrata Soni Makeup Courses

We discovered these course information on the Namtrata Soni Makeup academy website. We’re working hard to explain these courses in depth.

1. Comprehensive Intense International Airbrush Makeup Course

The students will learn every makeup technique, however Airbrush makeup techniques form the main focus that the students learn. Airbush makeup courses are among the most sought-after course in the makeup.

Course Curriculum

This 10-day course begins by learning how to moisturise the skin, how to correct colour and the use of the illuminators. On the second day, they show you how to apply orange and yellow to enhance and correct the face. In addition, you will learn how to conceal dark circles and pigmentation.

The third day comprised of Foundation applications, Liquid foundation and Derma foundation. You will learn cream Foundation (Viseart Palette) and on the other the other hand, you are taught Blending using the correct tools. Fourth day of the course includes cream and powder contours as well as the application of Blush and nose contouring. Additionally, you’ll taught Powder and cream highlight application in this makeup class.

Fifth day of Namrata Soni makeup class will cover Eyebrow correction as well as creating an ideal lip contour. Day 6 they will teach Eyeshadow application as well as Lash application.

Additionally, the masters who work around the world will suggest you important products. After the first week, you taught how to dress, including bridal gowns, Mehndi-style looks and other styles.

Namrata Soni Makeup Course fees are the best when compared to other academy courses. The makeup course cost reasonably priced. The short-term makeup course is less expensive than the advance makeup courses.

2. Namrata Soni advance Makeup Course

The course is eight weeks long , and filled with advanced makeup skills. Learn how to apply makeup, skin care and handling tools. It is a full-time [8 days per week] program thus it covers all aspects of makeup artistry thoroughly. Namrata Sopni makeup school runs the makeup classes in JW Meriout Hotel in Mumbai.

In the first week, you be taught the foundation course. In this week, you will learn how to moisturise your skin, apply foundation and blending with proper tools. The second week covers fundamentals such as eyebrow correction, creating the perfect shape for your lips and Eyeshadow applications. Additionally, you will get to know Lash application and the fundamentals of Airbrush.

In the 3rd and 4th weeks, they will instruct you in bridal makeup artistic skills. Learn Advance Bridal makeup, Advance Airbrush and Cocktail on a Modern Bride. Learn about different styles such as Sangeet, Pheras along with other bridal looks designed by designers. You will learn how to use glitter in bridal makeup.

5th and 6th weeks is a high-end fashion week that includes makeup techniques for ovie. Learn every aspect of makeup artistry in film advertisements, fashion, and other industries. Namrata Soni is an professional makeup artist, with extensive experience in this area.

What you will learn from Best Makeup School?

Finally, you will be taught the art of hairstyling and seasonal styling. Namrata Soni Makeup school has the top school for hair courses. The last two weeks of the course include the training of

  1. Hair Story
  2. Product Usage
  3. Fundamental And Advance Blow Drying
  4. Tongs And Iron Curling
  5. Bridal Hairstyles
  6. High Fashion Hairstyles
  7. Hairstyles For Shoots And The Industry

Namrata Soni Makeup Course Fee

The cost of the advanced makeup course is higher than that of the short term course in makeup. Advanced Course covers complete makeup artistry, as well as hairstyle training. You will become an expert in the makeup art.

Why Namrata Soni Makeup School?

Their deep knowledge and experiences will impart distinctive skills to your. Namrata Soni as well as Khushboo Mehta are both extremely successful models in the makeup business. You will learn incredible business acumen along with hairstyle and makeup. The Nmartata Soni makeup academy has created numerous makeup artists from India.