A Quick Guide to Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are based on the principles of healthy competition. When some of the employees do better in any organization, employers usually roll out gifts to them for appreciating their hard work. Organizations these days are aware of the innate and varying work culture ethics and they are trying their best. 

Even though gifts are made in good jest, there are a few ways you can make it look even better. Gaining employee loyalty and providing for a non-toxic work environment is one of the crucial standpoints in today’s job sector. These gifts will not only enhance the employer-employee relationship but will work as a goodwill builder for the company. However, it is an important point to note that gifting in the corporate world is not limited to the scope of employer-employees. 

If you happen to have loyal customers or clients you can always roll out appreciative gifts to them Moreover, we often enjoy the companionship of our colleagues beyond our work time. How about putting an effort to make your colleagues a little better about themselves. Let us now see some of the Do’s and Don’ts involved in corporate gifting. 

Do’s & Don’ts

Personal Touch 

First of all, make sure to use a personal touch to your gifts. Anyone can purchase a valuable item online and wrap it up with fancy paper and have it delivered. There is no personal touch in that. Gifting someone involves space for relatable personal touches like use of names and letters. Use a small note that says something funny or relatable. We all have “inside” jokes and now is the right time to use it. 

Avoid promotional stunts 

Avoid sounding like advertising agents and be someone’s mate this time around. Put your efforts to make the gift a personal one with more warmth and less about the company itself. Meaningful gifts are always cherished. 


If you wish to surprise someone and make them feel good about themselves you do not need to purchase the most expensive of gifts. However, always bear in mind the quality of the gift you are sending as it will carry your stamp on it. The quality of your gift reflects on you and your choice patterns. 

Be Appropriate 

Do not select gifts randomly online. Every person would prefer a certain type of gift and would hate other types. You need to choose a baseline of gifts which are liked by men and women. Avoid sending out sarcastic, offensive, or hurtful gifting items. Choose gifts that can be relatable to the person you are sending it to. 

What should you send out as corporate gifts? 

There can be so many things you can give as different ideas for gifts depending upon age demographic, ethnic or cultural background, gender, and department. Starting from gift cards, electronics, and hampers to gardening equipment or handbags for that matter. 

However, we know that gifting is an art and with corporate gifting, the standards are labeled higher. How about gifting your colleagues or employees something which they will be using daily. 

SPIN is excited to bring you a collection of aesthetically pleasing office supplies that will blow your mind. These office supplies are so good, that you might want to keep them for yourselves. On that note, as a word of advice – order two at a time. 

Nevertheless, now is the time to roll out some kit organizer boxes, desk shelves, tool kits, wall hooks, and workplace supply trolleys. Simplistic office supplies have never looked so elegant and purposeful ever before! SPIN presents to you an array of durable office supplies that are not just space-saving but intricately beautiful. 

Personalization of office gifts can never grow old. Young parent employees would love to receive childrens bedroom furniture as part of their gift. Nobody would possibly be expecting it but imagine the look on their faces! The whole idea of gifting your work partners, colleagues, employees, and clients is to build a relationship of trust and inclusiveness. 

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