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A Guide to Choosing the Best Tactical Pants

Tactical Pants

Police and Military training require a significant amount of discipline. You must condition your body to sustain itself in the harshest conditions. You need to protect yourself, and the best way to do so is by choosing the best military or police gear. 

One type of gear you need is good quality tactical pants. Not all pairs are the same, though. You can wear different types of pants, depending on your environment and activities. Read on to find out all there is to know about finding the best tactical pants. 

The History of Tactical Pants

Avid hiker Royal Robbins developed the first pair of tactical pants to use as multifunctional hiking pants. These pants caught the attention of Colorado FBI agents, who noticed them for their resiliency. 

The agents brought them to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. They became popular, and different varieties soon developed. Now, they are used in several ways, like for police gear, military gear, and even off the field. What started as simple hiking pants have become an essential and versatile part of tactical uniforms. 

The signature look for tactical pants is the different-sized pockets. These pockets allow for the storage of many tools and even weapons that could be helpful during field training. 

Types of Tactical Pants

Many different professions and duties have brought about the evolution of different varieties of tactical pants. But, which ones are the best for you? Find out from below: 


These pants have deep cargo pockets for maximum storage. Overt tactical pants are made for functionality, and they are best for outdoor excursions or combat situations. 


These pants don’t have the large pockets of the overt type. That is why they are suitable for undercover missions. They don’t stand out in a crowd, but they still have space to carry weapons. 

Tactical Jeans 

These pants are the type that you can wear off-duty. They look like any other pair of jeans you will see, so you will blend right in with other civilians. 

EMS/EMT Pants 

These pants are specially designed for medical personnel. They have specialised compartments to hold medical tools. 

The Best Material and Fit for Tactical Pants

Cotton is an excellent material for your pants because they are breathable. However, they are prone to shrinking. Some people opt for Nylon/Cotton blends to make pants shrink-resistant but still lightweight. 

Tactical pants can either have a slim or relaxed fit: the latter is more formal, and the former is more fashionable. Whichever fit you choose, remember that mobility is the priority, so too-tight pants might defeat their purpose. And hence, measure your waist and inseam appropriately before buying them. 

Common Special Features

As mentioned, the most key feature of tactical pants is the pockets.  These pockets are useful for military gear, police gear, first-responder gear, or civilians who have the need to carry many things. Functionality is something everyone loves. 

Most tactical pants have knife pockets, cargo pockets, magazine pockets, and handcuff key slots. Some even have media pockets for phones and hidden pockets to stow items secretly. 

Knee pad pockets are great for operatives because they carry cushioned inserts for added protection in combat situations. 

There are three ways to close your pockets; buttons, Velcro strips, and zippers. Buttons are the oldest and are sometimes a hassle; that is why they are outdated. Velcro is more convenient but noisy. Zippers are the most popular style since they are quick to maneuver and relatively silent.  

Choosing the right gear is essential for you to perform at your best. It would be best to consider your work and activity to select the appropriate tactical pants for you. This way, you can perform your duty to the best of your abilities.