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A Complete Digital Marketing Guide For Businesses

Digital Marketing: Marketing of goods and services that use digital technology to interact with customers at all stages. Unlike online marketing, it uses not only the global network but also offline channels – for example, POS terminals or smart electronic tools.
Different directions are important in marketing, but digital is gaining particular popularity in the b2c and b2b segments.

Like many electronics stores, they are now hiring eCommerce marketing agencies to take their business to the next level. This allows you to closely interact with customers and reach a large portion of your target audience, making it extremely effective. E.g. Actively used to market the Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi brands and their profits can be estimated from the cost of flagship smartphones and corporate popularity.

Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing tools include all events that allow you to notify large numbers of people or attract the attention of your target audience to the product or business itself. They can be used on different channels. Most of the time, multiple digital marketing tools work together.

  • SEO: search engine optimization, thanks to which you can increase the site’s ranking in the search results requirements.
  • Offline QR codes: can be used to motivate the installation of the application
  • Contextual advertising: place ads on platforms important to the theme of your business.
  • Television commercials are expensive commercials that spread across the country.
  • Advertising banners: banners advertising your product/service/location that is placed on relevant thematic resources.
  • Radio advertising is an equally expensive but effective tool for a wide audience.
  • Viral Advertising: Ads that users make themselves popular, for example, multi-repository advertising.
  • Advertising windows: advertising windows in a font with a similar theme.
  • Sending email: sending letters to the database of email addresses or to the database of customer addresses of your company.
  • Targeted advertising is a personalized ad that meets the needs of users.
  • Local advertising: natural promotional material from third-party sources, such as a summary of your product.
  • Sending by SMS: sending messages based on standard or specific customer data.
  • Content marketing: attract customers by publishing interesting and useful content.
  • Digital marketing tools also include advertisements of any other type, for example, a video on the phone charger or a beautiful banner on an interactive storefront.

Digital promotion channels

The Internet. This channel includes all devices with Internet access: cell phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. On the Internet, place ads in search results, on third-party websites, on bullying networks, and on social networks. This announcement includes videos, articles, publications, audio recordings, images, and infographics.

• Digital TV: every year more analog TV is launched on the market and it integrates more with the Internet. The main format of the campaign is short videos with the transmission of voice actions during the so-called commercial holidays. There are also phone markets where products are sold and crossed but are rarely used.
• Mobile device: the most popular promotional channels in the digital market are SMS messages, branded applications, and WOW calls. Advertising may also appear in third-party applications; for example, games are often promoted.
• Local networks: the promotion is usually effective in local networks integrated with the Internet. Such networks include corporate networks, urban networks, and other “associations”.
• Smart tools: most have Wi-Fi internet access. Such devices include smartwatches, smart scales, fitness bracelets, and other accessories. Advertising on them is not yet popular: most of the time it interacts with users who use branded applications.
• Interactive Displays: Include digitally advertised banners, virtual room displays, POS terminal stores, smartphones, and other charging devices. The most important tool in this channel is advertising videos or advertising windows. Also, use interactive displays.
• Digital art: this is any type of art created or distributed using digital technology. Works of art include games, music, photographs, and other works. The most important way to advertise is to mark the location of the company logo.

For Example:

A good example of the successful use of digital marketing in the past is Starbucks Cafe. In 2009-2010, they began to lose most of their visitors because they did not update the concept for a long time. The café style stopped at the price of the premium, so consumers preferred cheaper places.

The company’s management decided to launch the My Starbucks project. Registered users can share their ideas on how to improve cafes and vote on other users’ ideas. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment in coffee shops.
You have great personal examples of digital marketing. If so, please share your opinion in the comments below.