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9 Most Popular Card Games in Online Casinos

Most Popular Card Games in Online Casinos

Most Popular Card Games in Online Casinos

The rise of online casinos has no doubt revolutionized the gambling industry. Nowadays, gamblers can enjoy the thrilling and adrenaline-rushing gambling experience by playing on one online casino platform. 

Casino card games are hands-down the most popular online casino games today. 

Besides being easy to play, most of them don’t have a limit on how much money a gambler can win. This means that a gambler can win a good amount of cash by playing casino card games. 

Most Popular Card Games in Online Casinos

Below is a comprehensive guide on the most popular card games in online casinos.  


Whether experienced or beginners, almost all casino players have tried playing blackjack. 

The main advantage of playing this online casino card game is its low house edge percentage. A house edge percentage is simply the profits a casino expects to keep each time a gambler loses a game. Most online casinos calculate it per hour. 

Blackjack has a house edge percentage of approximately 0.5%, and it may decrease if a player opts to play single-deck blackjack. This means a gambler is likely to lose 0.5% of the money they use to play this game every hour. Gamblers have a higher chance of winning with a low house edge percentage. 

Another benefit of playing live blackjack is that it allows players to play more than one hand. And the more hands a gambler plays, the more chances they have of winning. 

Blackjack online also allows gamblers to switch tables quickly if a gambler feels like they don’t stand a chance to win against their current dealer. 

This is usually challenging in land-based casinos as there may be no seats available at other tables. What’s more, returning the chips to the current and buying new ones from the new dealer can be challenging and time-consuming. 

Video Poker

Since video poker is played on machines just like slots, most gamblers may assume it’s a boring game. On the contrary, it is one of the most profitable online card games in casinos today. 

One advantage of video poker is that it has a high payback percentage. Most video poker machines have a payback percentage of about 92%. Some have a rate of up to 98% if a gambler uses the right strategies to play. 

Video poker also has a lower house edge percentage than most online casino card games (even blackjack.) However, a gambler has to pick the right machine with the right pay table to enjoy this advantage. 

This casino card game is also easy to play. Almost every gambler, including beginners, can learn the basics of this game within minutes. 

Another advantage of video poker is that its potential payouts are clear. While the amount of money a gambler is likely to win may vary from one machine to another, there’s always a paytable that tells the player the exact amount they’re likely to win. 


This is another popular online casino card game that is especially perfect for beginner gamblers. 

Unlike most online card games, winning online baccarat solemnly depends on luck. Players don’t need to learn many strategies to ace this game.

However, if a gambler knows the basics of the game, they may enjoy a ton of benefits, including a house edge percentage of 0%! 

Players should avoid the Tie bet mainly because it has a house edge percentage of up to 14%. 

Most online casino websites also offer bonuses to baccarat players, so gamblers may have a chance at winning this game without investing any money. 

Three-Card Poker

Like blackjack, the main advantage of three-card poker is that gamblers don’t play against each other. 

One of the reasons this factor comes in as a benefit is that a player doesn’t have to worry about the skill levels of other gamblers at the table. This enables them to entirely focus on the dealer, allowing them to play better. 

Another benefit of three-card poker is that it has great odds than most online card games. However, this varies from online casino website to another. 

Like blackjack online, a gambler has more advantages than the dealer when playing three-card poker. For example, a player can pull certain strategies like a split or a double while the dealer cannot. This gives the gambler a better chance of winning the game. 

Tips for Winning Online Casino Card Games

While there are many great online card games to play, there are several tips a gambler has to keep in mind to make good money out of them. 

Below are some valuable tips on winning online casino card games. 

Find the Best Online Casino

With the many online casinos available today, it can be challenging for gamblers to find the ideal one. 

Before a gambler opens an account with a particular live casino, they should find out whether they are legitimate. 

In most countries, casinos (whether online or land-based) need a license to operate. So, gamblers should ensure that a particular online casino is licensed before joining it. 

Play Games with a Low House Edge Percentage

This is especially important for beginner gamblers. Playing online card games with a low house edge percentage prevents them from losing a lot of money. What’s more, it also offers them a higher chance of winning. 

Take Advantage of Casino Bonuses

Nowadays, most online casinos offer tons of bonuses to attract customers. There are many kinds of rewards, from welcome offers to deposit bonuses, to mention a few. Gamblers should use these offers as they may help them make real money. 


Online card games are an excellent choice for beginner gamblers looking for easy casino games to play. 

Most of these games don’t require a lot of strategies to play. What’s more, they have low house edge percentages. 

Again, gamblers should make the most out of the bonuses online casino platforms offer, as it will enable them to familiarize themselves with different card games without investing any money.