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8 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way We Travel

Offline ticketing business and travel agencies are shutting down slowly. Why? Because the travel and tourism industry is being invaded with technology. Consumers heavily rely on tech starting from choosing the travel destination, booking a ticket to planning the itinerary.

From the past few years, I have been making travel reservations at my home using my Internet. I use a bunch of cool apps to buy tickets and this has completely ended the need to call a travel agent. I know many people find planning a trip time-consuming. I agree to some extent. But now that the travel industry has been touched by the magic of technology, planning a trip is no longer a hassle. Get the Limo service at:

Let’s check out some ways technology has changed traveling and made it simpler:

1: Instant Visa Processing

The most time-consuming thing about traveling is applying for a visa, waiting for approval, and then receiving it. You have to make a trip or two to the embassy for submitting paperwork and collecting the visa.

But technology has expedited this cumbersome process. Over the past decade, a lot has changed. You can now apply for visas online and have them approved in the shortest time. It’s just like ordering clothes, cable equipment like Spectrum receiver box, or gadgets online. This ease has made last-minute travels viable and exciting.

2: Quick Planning

Let’s say you are going to Paris for the first time. Technology provides all the necessary information to plan the itinerary for your trip. From the first location to the last location of your trip, the hotel you will stay in, the places you will dine in at – everything can be booked in advance.

3: Hassle-Free Booking

Technology has made it easier to book a flight, hotel room, and stay informed of the daily events. Hotels and flight companies are using chatbots to interact with a user. Using AI, the chatbot answers the common questions of the user immediately. The user can also check rates, availability of flights and hotels, and make a reservation directly on the messenger service provided by the company.

If you want details, you can always call a human agent. Technology has empowered hotels and travel companies. You don’t have to carry documents with you when you travel. E-tickets and mobile check-ins make everything so easy.

4: Efficient Packing

Let’s be real, packing is never easy. What are the necessary items to take with you? And if you take just about everything, you will exceed your weight limit. Technology has solved this problem to some extent too. Wondering how? You won’t have to pack books with you to read at the airport or during the flight. No need to take your iPod either because music streaming sites have got us.

5: Great Travelling Experience

Technology has relieved us from the worry of getting lost. You won’t have to read maps to get to a particular spot in a new country. Simply use Google Maps and it will take you to your destination. It will also save you the trouble of reaching out to strangers to ask for directions.

Another thing I love about traveling and tech is that the language barrier has reduced. If you don’t know the native language of the foreign land, no worries, Google will translate it for you. You can also download a couple of good translation apps to make it easier to communicate with the natives.

6: Crowdsourced Traveling Tips

Platforms such as Trip Advisors are loaded with reviews of hotels and restaurants. Name any hotel and you will find it there. People have shared real experiences. To save yourself from bad experience, simply check the reviews and get a glimpse of their services, amenities and food quality. With this information, you will always enjoy a

7: Easy Communication

No longer will your mom have to worry about you if you are headed to a solo trip. The two of you can communicate thanks to the Internet. Traveling to a foreign land has hence become safer. Before heading out for sit-seeing, you can say hello to the folks at home by FaceTiming them or having a call on Skype.

8: Personalized Experience

Who wouldn’t like a personalized traveling experience that’s unique to their needs? Millennials are obsessed with personalization. They want unique experiences, which are very much possible with the help of tech advancements. Niche websites, blogs, apps, chatbots can help you organize your dream trip.

Most of these revolutions are possible because of the Internet. Now that 5G is out too, this may change the traveler’s experience. This fifth-generation Internet is much bigger than Time Warner cable 3mbps speed. BBC recently tested an AR app using 5G that takes back the user to key moments of the site’s construction throughout history. This is just the beginning of something worthwhile!