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8 excellent holiday guidelines in l’Estartit

Apart from the best activities in Spain this year, do not overlook these suggestions for the smaller town l’Estartit. It features a recently renovated beach promenade of 2.5 kilometres along with a excellent number of well-known festivities, restaurants, bars with terraces to delight in the hot summer nights, a rich and lovely historical and organic heritage, … Here’s what you must know about this location for the excellent holiday! Get extra information about L’Estartit visit

Learn the Medes Islands

Any time you arrive in l’Estartit, its natural beauty is surprising. L’Estartit is surrounded by hills and boasts various beaches and also a magnificent view of your Medes Islands. Numerous beaches are protected and part of a nature park, just just like the Medes Islands which it is possible to see in the village at about 2 kilometres distance.

We advise you starting your vacation in a relaxed state of mind. You may leave your luggage at your holiday home in L’Estartit and begin off with a superior stroll, a refreshing dip within the crystal clear water in the Mediterranean Sea and an excursion to the Medes Islands. Quite a few little companies situated in the harbour give boat trips and also you can even rent a kayak.

On these boat excursions along the coastline of l’Estartit you’ll see a few the no much less than 1,300 species of fish and plants which include red coral, groupers and lobsters. During the excursion it is possible to go into the water or observe the sea creatures via the transparent glazed deck of your boat. This really is one with the ideal spots in the Mediterranean for scuba diving so take a dive when you happen to be there!

Learn your favourite beach in l’Estartit

The coastline of l’Estartit may be divided into 3 primary beaches: Playa Gran (1 kilometre long and one hundred metres wide), Playa Els Griells (500 metres lengthy and 50 metres wide) and Playa de Pletera (1.8 kilometres extended and 70 metres wide).

Choose the one that suits your state of thoughts when going towards the beach and, without having a doubt, you can make essentially the most of your day in the beach and the sea. Take note of the following:

Playa Gran could be the beach for you if you want to enjoy the sunshine with out having to walk a lot of as it is very close for the city centre. Not surprisingly, this also makes it the busiest beach from the 3.

Playa Els Griells would be the ideal beach for you if you would like to get pleasure from nature because the Ter Vell nature reserve is correct subsequent to it. You’ll be able to practice water sports at Els Griells with some principal operators close by.

Eventually, do not neglect to go to Playa de Pletera which offers you quietness and privacy above all. It really is positioned within a all-natural location additional away from the city using a landscape boasting dunes and lakes.

Select from tens of water sports

With a marina so close to the city centre there’s an abundance of operators to practice water sports. L’Estartit is actually a city that predominantly focuses around the sea providing you the chance to surf, dive, snorkel and water-ski. Strategy your water adventure now!

Opt for from tens of operators: the Club Nàutic Estartit and Lassdive will be the very best companies for windsurfing; the Escuela Nautic & Diving is quite very good for snorkelling; Aquàtica and Calypso organise snorkel and scuba diving sessions; Eolis Kite is the suitable place for kite surfing; and there are many much more to pick out from.

Visit medieval villages

The abundance of medieval villages within the vicinity of l’Estartit takes you back to a past filled with stories and tales of kings and queens waiting to be discovered by you.

The village Pals, for example, situated at 15 kilometres on the city centre, has a unique medieval wall surrounding a large part with the village including a castle and four iconic towers. The view in the Mirador Josep Pla of the Baix Emporda region with the sea within the background is so inspiring that you’ll remember it for a long time.

The best way to discover the medieval legacy of Estartit is to get lost on foot, by bike or by car stumbling upon surprising villages. By far the most interesting are Peratallada with its fortified square, the church of Sant Esteve along with the Torre de Homage (Tower of Homage); Ullastret, also known as the “iberian village” harbouring medieval ruins of excellent historic value. On top of this, it is really probable that you will come across the villages Cruilles, Canapost, Monells, Palau-sator, or Madremana.

Get your original gift at the city market

Neglect about shopping malls and souvenir shops, because in l’Estartit there is certainly a weekly market on Thursday where you’ll be able to buy artisan products, toys, handmade clothing and fresh and local products. You’ll meet the manufacturers of every single product in person encountering low prices, unique products and, above all, high quality.

It’s without having a doubt one from the most well known markets in the Costa Brava thanks to its size as well as the diversity of the products it offers. Another preferred market is organised every Monday in the neighboring Torroella de Montgrí.

Experience paddle surfing in the beach

On the principal beach of l’Estartit a water sport is becoming increasingly well known while within the past only a dozen people practiced it: paddle surfing or stand-up paddle surfing.

You can get all the necessary equipment and a word or two on how it works in the Clube Náutico de Estartit, pretty close towards the beach. The very best thing about this sport: it really is very accessible for beginners not used to standing on a surfboard. You use the oars to keep your balance and if the sea is calm it is rather easy to navigate the waves while enjoying the sunset within the background.

This is an awesome way to get closer to nature and sea in l’Estartit and, on top of this, you’ll work your arm and leg muscles improving you overall physical condition.