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8 Academic Tools to Put an End to Your Academic Stress

Academic Tools to Put an End to Your Academic Stress

It was nearly impossible for students with part-time jobs to give time to college assignments. But now the online world has made the life of those students much easier by providing different types of academic tools like Microsoft Word calculator.

Academic Tools to Put an End to Your Academic Stress

These tools can be accessed from anywhere. These are mainly created for students’ convenience and flexibility. Let’s get to know a few online tools that are quite popular among college students.


Trello app will help you stay organized just the way you want with your schoolwork or study materials. This app comes in both free and paid versions. Once you are done with the work, you have to drag the card and put it into the completed list.

GPA calculator

GPA calculator for college students is excellent who are looking to improve their GP grades. This tool will help in finding what grade average or how many credit hours you will need to improve your current GPA. Just add the details required, and the tool will automatically generate your overall GPA grade.

Financial calculators

This tool is like a big savior for all finance students. This app is designed to handle accounting, finance applications, investments, mortgages, and all other formulas. But that’s not the end. The app is used as a Loan calculator, compound interest calculator, currency converter, credit card pay-off calculator, TVM calculator, and many more.


Socrative is designed for teachers to create educational games for students to solve using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. After seeing the results of each student, the teacher will try to modify the lesson to make it more personalized.


Turnitin is used by professionals to check plagiarism in a document. This tool is quite popular around the world for its accurate plagiarism detection. This tool further gives you feedback on your work. This is an extremely easy-to-use academic tool. This tool is designed to detect 10 types of plagiarism errors. If you want your work to be flawless, Turnitin is your best option.


A project is a tool that allows you to create multimedia presentations, with dynamic slides in which you can embed interactive maps, links, online quizzes, Twitter timelines, and videos, among other options. During a class session, teachers can share with students academic presentations that are visually adapted to different devices.


The website aims to make equations, graphics, and parables easier for you. You will find the most complex theories explained in step-by-step and slide format. This is a wonderful app to make your fear of equations or any complex theories go away. They also have a graphic calculator that allows complicated equations to be transformed appealingly so that students understand them in the best way.


Interested to learn a new language? Duolingo is the perfect tool for you. You will also get to know more new words and grammar rules. Your vocabulary skills will be improved for sure. You can even track your progress using this tool. The exercises in this tool include speaking, listening, translation, writing, and many other approaches.

These are a few academic tools that will help you fulfill your academic success. Using these tools will make your hectic life much easier.