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7 Killer SEO tips for boosting sales with Magento 2 ecommerce store

Magento is the most preferred ecommerce platform that is used by a lot of leading brands and Fortune 500 companies. It is equally suitable for small and mid-sized businesses looking for cost-effective custom Magento 2 ecommerce development solutions. When you have decided to build a Magento2 ecommerce site, you need to optimize it using the best SEO and digital marketing tactics to make it rank higher and drive targeted customers.

Trends setter now admires store structure which will reduce their efforts for future marketing. As a result, more SEO friendly stores are in demand to boost sales and hit the desired audience. SEO is that many crucial techniques that increase your business reach at the utmost level.  Hence prefer professionals who provide Magento Development Services with extensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimization techniques.

As a cost-effective solution too, people hire Magento developers who though shape up web store as per skill set but often fail to add a section which benefits sales a lot. Later on, they need to invest more in digital marketing & that jumbled many factors. Therefore, business turns in a cost-effective manner to make store SEO friendly right from day one. These go-to SEO elements accelerate over sales which is the ultimate goal of businesses.

We’ve listed the top 7 tricks that can help you improve SEO for Magento:

1. Use the latest version of Magento

The first trick to make your website rank higher is to update it to the latest version available. Magento releases new updates frequently and one should make sure that the site is up-to-date to make it rank higher. As Magento brings a lot of enhancements and security fixes in each version it releases, you should hire Magento developer to ensure that your ecommerce website is updated and refreshed.

The change which is experienced by Magento store customers is exceptional with the launch of Magento2. Every time the Magento community provides additional features with their main release. The benefit of using the latest version makes an impact on cost. Many default features were earlier required custom changes and only professional Magento 2 Development Company implemented such features to their customers. Hence it is advisable to use the latest version of technology to get the full advantages of it. Revamp your store with Custom Magento Development companies to add additional features of Magento2.

2. URL optimization

Magento websites store the codes to your URL automatically. It is important to customize the URLs based on different variables such as product name, category, cart value, and more. It becomes easier for the search engines to crawl your website pages and makes it easy for the users to locate the pages.

Google’s SEO techniques recommend optimization to get noticed with your offerings. Each page, images, content, etc. needs to be optimized. This way customers can easily & promptly access your offered products and make up their mind to proceed for purchase. Magento Development companies gave especial attention to this as it set up tone of On-Page optimization. SEO indeed, therefore, bringing advantages to your online store business.

3. Website speed

Believe it or not, the website page loading speed has a huge impact on the success of your website. A slow-loading website can have a negative impact on user experience and can turn off the users. Set up caching, use flat categories, and minify JS and CSS files to optimize the page speed. Look for the best Magento web development services when you need a fast-loading online store to make more sales.

User experience comes into the picture along with SEO guidelines to break the ice. Website fine performance not only get crawl easily by Google but it also increases the customer return ratio of any store. Both web and mobile experience decides product accessibility. The biggest giants like Alibaba, Amazon, etc. having numerous categories but thanks to their well-optimized website, they are giving high user experience to their customers. Hence their sales get boosted day by day & also with SEO they acquired a top spot in Google Search engine result.

4. Original, high quality content

Content is the king when it comes to SEO. The content should be original and relevant to the products you sell. Duplicate or scraped content can have a negative impact on your rankings. It is important to write SEO-friendly and keyword-rich content to attract the right audience and search engines too. Use proper meta titles and descriptions for your web pages.

As they say “Content is King” which is well saying to get on top with Google Search Engine. Unique content crawls first and more likely helps in promoting your brand presence. High-quality content connects you to the right audience. Remember only unique content boost up sales with SEO techniques of Off-Page optimization.

5. Install the best Magento extensions

Custom Magento development may require installing several third-party extensions to add the desired functionality to your ecommerce store. There are plenty of extensions available for your Magento store. All you need to do is search for the right ones offering the best features and functionality and enjoy the endless benefits.

Here are some of the most beneficial extensions which are compatible with both Magento1 & Magento2 platforms:

  • Contact Form Extensions
  • Blog Extensions
  • Product Attachment Extensions
  • Order SMS Notification Extensions
  • Shipping Availability Extensions & many more.

As you can see that extensions make developers’ life easy and at the same time makes the impactful presence of the store. These extensions consist of useful features that save cost big time. Consult with any Magento Development company to use limited but fruitful extensions.

In SEO terms these extensions reduce page load time & bounce rate. Therefore, customers spend less time finding the right product and complete goals set up by SEO professionals.

6. Adaptable to Mobile Commerce

One of the vital aspects of boosting eCommerce business sales is its adaptability towards Mobile users. Ecommerce business from the past few years quite reliable on mobile users. If you ask experts or any Magento2 Development company they will guide the same. So, when it comes to creating a store, SEO guidelines recommend creators to make it mobile friendly as Google consider all sort of accessibility in its crawling algorithm.

Stores must optimize to mobile view and SEO will help to boost products up. Progressive Web Apps changing the overall shopping experience in the year 2020. Another tech like Artificial Intelligence, Data behaviors, etc. made to give personalize shopping experience & works perfectly over devices.

7. Secure Website

When it comes to transactions, data crawling, etc. factors eCommerce store owners want to provide extensive support to their customers. To prevent unethical and fishy encounters, use HTTPS instead of HTTP as it is equally important to secure customers’ data from online hackers.

Professional Magento development companies implement a secure socket layer (SSL) from hosting providers when they integrate and test payment gateway. SEO works with domain URL’s and authorize secure web stores upfront as compared to rest ones. So, for the safety concern & marketing perspective adding security is always beneficial for any store.

Wrap Up

Magento has been evolving since it is launched. Magento always takes into consideration the demands of the community and adds new SEO features every now and then. You should hire an experienced Magento Development Company to help you build a profit-generating web store. Use the best Magento SEO tactics to improve the traffic to your website and capture the attention of the targeted users in a quick time. Hire the best Magento developers to optimize your ecommerce site and help you gain the maximum ROI.