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6 Ways Small Businesses Can Save On Shipping Supplies

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Ways Small Businesses Can Save On Shipping Supplies

It’s advisable that businesses keep their expenses as low as possible. Doing so avails money to earn profits and grow the business. One of the operations that eat into business finances is shipping, especially if you have clients globally. 

Since shipping is one of the operations that reduce your profits, you ought to find a way to reduce these expenses. With shipping, you likely have no control over the shipping cost. However, you have control over how you package your goods for shipping. You can do this by focusing on the shipping supplies.

What are shipping supplies?

You use these to package your products for delivery to your clients. How’ll you do this? This post gives ways to save money through shipping supplies for your small business. Read on!

Consider doing the following:

Ways Small Businesses Can Save On Shipping Supplies

Work With An Affordable Supplier

In business, it’s often stated that vendors will offer similar services at different costs, which isn’t far from the truth. There’s a high possibility the same happens with vendors that sell shipping supplies.

It means you can save money by finding an affordable one. Consider searching several suppliers and comparing their rates. As you do this, you ought to consider the quality of their shipping supplies. You shouldn’t buy from a vendor with questionable goods despite their low costs. Find an affordable one instead of the most expensive one, and you’ll save money.

Use The Right Package

One way you can waste money with shipping is by using packaging that’s too big for the product you’re shipping. The extra space your product won’t occupy is money wasted. 

Therefore, adopting the right shipping box sizes for your product is best to minimize wastage.  

The other way you can waste money is by not understanding the product you want to ship to clients. You’ll use the wrong shipping supplies and realize much later. It’ll necessitate you to change packaging, putting the previous one to waste if you can’t reuse it. It’ll be an investment wasted.

Consider Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability aims to protect the environment, a movement most governments and other regulating bodies advocate for. To encourage this practice, some governments offer tax incentives and other monetary benefits to companies that have adopted sustainability.   

As a small business, you can take advantage of this and adopt sustainable packaging. Here, you’ll use packaging like cartons and bags that are reusable, recyclable, and, if possible, bio-degradable. By doing so, you’ll benefit from the incentives: saving money in the process like from reduced taxes.

It’ll be an added advantage if the shipping supplies’ manufacturer adopts sustainability. They’ll incur fewer costs during the production, translating to lower costs of buying the packaging by customers, you, in this case.

Set Up A Recycling Shop

With shipping, you can take the sustainability journey further to save more money. Since your packaging is already sustainable and you can recycle the supplies, consider setting up shops where your clients reside. Once the client is done with the packaging, they can drop them off at these shops instead of throwing them away. 

You’ll later collect them, recycle them, and use them to make new sustainable packaging. Doing so reduces the need to acquire raw materials for the packaging, which can be expensive. It’ll reduce your operational costs significantly.

Take Advantage Of Free Supplies

Shipping companies differ in operations, and some offer more services than others. Some will give you free shipping supplies to wrap your goods. They often do this to ensure your products reach the client in one piece and avoid liability in case of damage. 

It’d help to find a shipping company that offers such services for free. Ultimately, you won’t incur shipping supplies, saving you money.

Buy Supplies In Wholesale

In most cases, buying items individually is costlier than buying several items at once. It’s one of the common techniques in the business. The reduced costs arising from discounts the seller gives to buyers.

Thus, if you’re buying shrink wrap, tubes, cartons, or any other shipping supplies, please buy them wholesale to enjoy the discounts. Consider vetting several suppliers and finding one who gives reduced prices for bulk purchases. 

Yet please refrain from buying excess shipping supplies as you do this. Otherwise, some will go to waste, and you’ll end up wasting money. Be sure to make bulk purchases based on stock movement. 


The post above has already established the need for businesses to lower their expenditure and the reasons behind it. It has further pinpointed that shipping is one of the operations affecting business finances. Nonetheless, this is no longer the case. 

This read has given tips on saving your small company’s money through shipping supplies. The secret more or less lies in the small decisions you make regarding your packaging. Therefore, highly consider implementing the tips given for more business savings. Your business will thank you for it years later.