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6 Important Reasons You Shouldn’t Remove Mold Yourself

Whether it is cold or humid, remove mold spores that are everywhere. It is a fungus that can either be beneficial (like penicillin) while some are not.

The dangerous ones can deteriorate the crops, compromise your respiratory system, and weaken the integrity of your house. Plus, any kind of mold is unsightly.

Nonetheless, you should not remove the house molds yourselves. Here’s why:

Molds Cause Allergy

Mold exposure can lead to itchy eyes, sneezing, or bleeding nose. It can also cause severe coughing and laborious breathing.

These reasons alone should be enough to stop you from removing molds yourselves.

But it is undeniable that molds pose a health risk. If you or someone in your family has respiratory issues, it would be best to call a professional. More so, when you already know that there are molds in your home.

You’re Dealing with the Unknown

Just because you have seen molds, it does not mean you have seen it all.

There are different kinds of molds, one being worse than the others. Here are some common indoor molds:

  • Alternaria: This occurs in damp places like showers and leaky sinks.
  • Aspergillus: Grows on dust or powdery food items and building materials.
  • Cladosporium: Tends to appear on fabric and wood surfaces.
  • Penicillium: Usually grows in materials and places with water damage.

This also explains why it would be best to call a professional. That’s because they have the knowledge in determining the kind of mold you have and how to treat it best.

Molds Spread Quickly

Molds produce spores that are easy and quick to spread. When you remove it yourself, you might end up contaminating other parts of your house.

Moreover, known cleaning solutions can only do so much. What you need is a cleaning solution that can kill spores. Doing so can reduce the mold colony significantly. It can also prevent them from growing back.

Without deep cleaning fungicides, you are only cleaning the surface and not removing the molds. And the next thing you know, there are mold build up everywhere.

Unless you can remove the source of moisture, remediation can be a tedious and challenging process. Worse, it can affect your possessions and other rooms in your house.

As a result, removing mold can be expensive. That’s because you will need to repair many things in your home.

Not all Cleaning Products Work

Homeowners tend to think that a multi-purpose cleaner can be used to remove mold. But here’s what you need to know:

  • Bleach is Inefficient: While bleach can stop the growth of mold, it is only useful for a short time. That’s because it is too weak to kill spores.
  • Paints and Cleaners are Just Band-Aid Solutions: Much like bleach, other known cleaners are too weak to kills mold spores. And it is less likely that they can clean inside the contaminated materials.
  • Fungicides Work With a Caveat: Keep in mind that molds are fungi. Hence, fungicides can work. However, you have to ensure that no more spores remain.

If you would still opt to remove molds on your own, ensure that it only affects a small area. It will also help if the contaminated area is replaceable.

And most importantly, you should wear protective gear like gloves, goggles, and respirator masks.

Molds are Cumbersome to Remove

Whether the affected area is big or small, removing molds can be a big job.

First, you will need to identify what mold you have. That way, you can also determine how to best remove it.

It would also be ideal for containing the affected area before treating the mold. This includes wearing protective gear.

Most importantly, you must have the right tools. That’s because you will replace the affected area or materials once you are done treating it.

You are Feeding the Molds

Are you wondering why available cleaning products do not work for mold removal? It is because they contain water.

In case you do not know, water serves as a food source for molds. This means that you are only feeding the molds, which can exacerbate the problem.

DIY Mold Removal or Not?

Can remove molds yourself? You can only do so if you see the first signs of mold buildup.

According to the people at Maid Sailors Maid Service NYC, DIY mold removal methods are either inefficient or hide the problem. This might make matters worst.

Keep in mind that molds have a sneaky way of contaminating your house.

When you remove molds yourself, it is like ruffling their feathers. What happens is that the spores will become airborne and can land anywhere.

As a result, you will see mold buildup in areas in your house you have not seen before.

So unless it covers a small area and you have no known pulmonary issues, we recommend that you call a professional. That’s because they have the tools and knowledge to get rid of molds for good.