5 tips to resign from your remote job in good terms

The number of people working remote jobs these days is increasing at a rapid pace. Remote jobs require changing your working style and how we deal with the corporate hierarchy.

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That is why many employees are confused when they face how to resign from a remote job?

Today, we will share with you 5 tips to do so. Once you follow these 5 tips, resigning from a remote job will become easy.

1. Draft a resignation letter:

The very first thing which you need to do is to draft a resignation letter. Whether you work from an office or you’re in a remote job, a resignation letter is an integral part of the entire process. That is why the very 1st thing which you need to do is to draft a resignation letter.

2. Ask your boss for a brief phone call:

Instead of directly mailing in the resignation letter, it is a much better idea to ask your boss for a brief phone call.

You might not get the time slot on the same day. In that case, you have to wait it out.

Explaining to your boss on the call is pretty essential. It will undoubtedly smoothen the process and ensure that you do not burn any bridges.

3. Plan what you want to say in advance:

Instead of just blabbering about what comes to your mind, it is a good idea to plan what you want to ask in advance. You shouldn’t sound too aggressive.

You have to always maintain a calm demeanor. Only when you maintain a calm demeanor will it become easier to convey why you are resigning and that your decision to resign is firm.

In case you wish to negotiate, rather than telling your boss that you are going to resign, it is a much better idea to negotiate without the threat of resigning.

When you get on this call, you should already know what you want to say. If you do not remember what you need to say, you can write it down. Nevertheless, you should choose your words carefully.

4. Explain on call:

When you’re thinking about how to resign from a remote job, it is necessary to explain everything on a call. The question which then arises is, what should you explain?

There are a few things.

• Reason for resigning:

The most obvious thing which you need to explain is the reason for resigning.

• Be cordial:

You have to always say things like, hope we can work together in the future as well. Saying such things ensures that you’re not burning the bridges, and you are open to working in the future as well.

• Suggestions:

You can give your boss a couple of suggestions as well regarding how things can be better. You shouldn’t be too aggressive in this.

Of course, your boss will ask you a few questions as well. You have to answer these questions as truthfully as you can.

Thus, you have to explain all these things on the call when you’re informing your boss regarding your decision to resign from the job.

5. Email the resignation letter:

After explaining to your boss the reason behind the resignation, you have to email your resignation letter. Since your boss will be expecting it, there will be no negative surprises as well.

remote job

Thus, if you are wondering how to resign from a remote job, these five tips will certainly come to your rescue. Once you follow these five tips, it will become effortless for you to resign from a remote job.

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